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Intense with each passing day competition already changed manufacturer to develop the way of business, and look this kind of pattern will upgrade ceaselessly. Those who drive the market is need, extravagant hopes of and rather than; The promotion that manufactures efficiency will be the watershed that beats the home and loser. Although market demand foreground continues to bring good news for global manufacturing industry, but the competition that the enterprise of production domain is increased ceaselessly however again and again and cost squash. Want changeover this one trend is not easy, but must be in face industry health maintains now to run when increasingly austere manufacturing industry environment. Lennart Lindgren of sale business executive vice-president says Shanteweikekeleman, "The enterprise can shift manufacturing base easily nowadays, because every factory must prove his competition ability. The one big challenge of the production company depends on whether use existing produce can -- it is production not only, and still include to promote competition ability and production efficiency. " although existing all the time between each company,compete, but the convenience sex that shifts manufacturing base makes internal competition is added increasingly drama, and the trend of cost zoom makes this one state more abominable, especially the raw material price such as metal and oil already affected the rise that inputs goods and labor cost. Increase besides totle drilling cost outside, also tend for goods occasionally nervous. Hill spy dimension overcomes business of fractionize of coke full industry to extend senior manager Thomas Lundmark to express, "E.g. , spaceflight aviation industry is devoting oneself to to develop new material to make more light aircraft. Reduce plane weight to be able to save a lot of money on fuel cost, can reduce midway to stay the time that the station cheers. Titanium metal is one of data that use increasingly generally, but current and character is very rare still be short of. " in automobile industry, the technology with consumer more advanced demand, but do not wish to pay for this however, this is brought about large " a gleam of " manufacturer is pressed through be being applied to the supplier will reduce cost. Although this is challenged because of different fractionize market differ somewhat, but its are essential the trend is distinguished without what however. Lundmark says, "If you notice manufacturing industry, with respect to meeting discovery every manufacturer faces situation of similar be in a dilemma. Normally two kinds settle way: Adopt constructive working way to improve manufacturing efficiency, perhaps emphasize particularly on lower cost and price. We see two kinds of means exist, and reach finish talks: The firm that uses the first kind of means will grow flourishing, and the firm that uses the 2nd kind of means is ultimate backwater not before. " a few companies still like to maintain a distance with the supplier, but more and more companies begin to realize the gain that cooperates together with the supplier, with improving production craft is mixed improve manufacturing efficiency. To Shanteweikekeleman, this means the supplier change from the tradition to be a partner. Lindgren expresses, "We provide cutting tool only no longer, provide whole business technological process however. In the example of major success, we are able to establish solid cooperative relationship, in participating in development process. The kill that such doing makes a person special hearten, we gained great and economic benefit. " regarding the supplier as the partner is a relatively novel, phenomenon that is globalization however. Shanteweikekeleman had built this kind of cooperation with the company of the United States, Brazil, Europe and Asia. Lundmark explanation says, "This depends on specific company, is not situation. The change that you can say to car and mould industry compare spaceflight aviation industry is bigger, because come from the pressure all along of profit,compare big. And long-term since, spaceflight aviation industry gets the help of governmental subsidy all the time, just this kind is aided financially now less and less already. Because this this industry front faces enormous challenge, seeking cooperation actively, make its have production can more cheaply, more businesslikely. " if the supplier is at the same time partner or advisory adviser, this can yet be regarded as the method of a kind of be economical, but still have a few companies not quite zealous to this idea. Lindgren says, "Some companies are afraid, if they too count exterior personnel, can lose internal ability and technology, but this kind of concern connects regular meeting to disappear as the elapse of time. In fact, do not depend on exterior personnel to just can lose internal ability and technology, collaboration often conduces to increase in-house capacity. " Shanteweikekeleman is not the only firm that this kind of kind takes in the industry, but the company that can be carried out with systematic pattern however amount to is not much. Besides 20 efficiency center is opened in global each district outside, shanteweikekeleman still is in Germany for automobile industry Situjiate invests an application center, this center will be represented with the business of automobile group and the supplier cooperates together, develop and test new cutting tool and technology. In addition, a center of similar figuration cutting tool also plans to be built at Chinese Shanghai, and another emphasizes particularly on the center of spaceflight aviation industry is agreeing to run in Swedish Sang Dewei. Lindgren says, "This is to satisfy a client to be opposite a kind of means of demand of custom-built product and solution. We can participate in this kind of process earlier, the effect is better. " in the final analysis, the success is with what save money comes calculative, the economic benefit that Shanteweikekeleman gains to use its cutting tool and ensure implementation is economic all set very high end. The example of a be obvious to all is the Shanteweikekeleman that in Sweden Sang Dewei agrees headquarters furnished large " thermometer " , let visit a personage to have a direct Bing solution. Company the target 2006 is what realize 100 million euro for the client is economic. Up to August, had achieved the goal of 70% . Concerning the information that saves actually is to be based on " client value archives " data, these archives can track the economic record that comes from the whole world. Lindgren says, "What our constant ground is recorded and check place to obtain is economic, be being returned finally is a bottom line the most important. " accept a supplier to regard the partner's circumstance as ceaseless grow in quantity, lindgren states he expects this kind of circumstance still can continue. He continues to express, "Regard an enterprise as an existent element, promotion produces efficiency to will become more and more important. When this age bound all businesses become more and more complex, and it is more and more difficult that a company has the knowledge that all internal institutes require and technology to also become. " made the whole world to the requirement of taller flexibility, shorter time limit for a project and lower cost the challenge that enterprise of all areas, all type needs to face. "This is to satisfy a client to be opposite a kind of means of demand of custom-built product and solution. We can participate in this kind of flow earlier, the effect is better. " LENNART LINDGREN CNC Milling CNC Machining