Man-machine, transducer, servo is in plastic cut the application on machine

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The overview is plastic cut machine it is the mechanical device that is used at machining plastic bag bagging, its locate precision and stability affect the quality of a bag that make gum and efficiency directly. Wait with PLC and servo electric machinery replace the control orgnaization such as brake clutch, realized the following function: (1) efficiency rises (2) fine is tasted rate rise (3) cut precision to rise (4) convenient air plane (5) run smooth job course (1) after electrify, lukewarm accuse implement control Feng Dao to be in heater to undertake heating. (2) after starting automatically, send makings transducer drive to send makings electric machinery to carry plastic film with the speed of set, send makings inductor to detect send makings end to put when the plastic film that coil is enough, send makings electric machinery to stop to send makings. (3) temperature arrives, temperature signal guides, advocate transducer drive advocate the fluctuation reciprocate that electric machinery controls cutting tool and Feng Dao through mechanical gearing. (4) cutting tool every move up, servo signal guides connect, drive of servo electric machinery gives makings roller to placing plastic film to bring roll, cut below cutting tool and Feng Dao, glue bag is formed. (5) set number arrives or press when stopping key, after current glue bag is formed, stop machine, cutting tool and Feng Dao stop in exalted park. Craft asks (1) bag of 300-900mm long glue, production makes an appointment with 120-60 / minute. (2) length error is in 0.

Inside 5mm. (3) glue bag heal manages temperature line, need to bear fruit be able to bear or endure pull. (4) already but fixed length is sealed cut, can chase after color to seal again cut. (5) chase after color to seal when cutting, do not detect 3 times continuously color patch signal, should stop automatically machine call the police (6) should have early-warning function (produce namely when getting on for set batch, want clew alarm) (7) advocate electric machinery timing, send makings electric machinery timing, function of timing of servo electric machinery (8) move automatically / the hand is moved debug a function to handle arrange bestow to debug a method (1) when mechanical design, advocate electric machinery drive is more contented than wanting advocate transducer frequency job is when 60Hz, cutting tool and Feng Dao make a round trip reciprocate is amounted to 120 times / minute. The actual and successive moving rotate speed that satisfying servo electric machinery should is less than or be equal to its below the requirement of rated rotate speed and other character, the drive of servo orgnaization compares the reasonable design that reachs the external diameter that gives makings roller is contented craft requirement (1) crucial. (2) servo main transfer machinery uses synchronism to take drive, number of servo coder pulse is 2000P/R, its itself error is less than reason far 0.

5mm, because stop since servo electric machinery,causing the real reason with fixed position bigger error is not quite flowing, perhaps send makings speed to be less than those who give makings roller to give makings rate as a result of what send makings end, create a makings roller and plastic film between relatively slip, reason wants a foundation of servo electric machinery case stop speed to move conformity to increase slowdown time just, adjust those who send makings transducer frequency to make its send makings speed to want to be more than a makings roller to give makings rate, adjust a result to want to expect not to happen to slide relatively between roller and plastic film with going out to allow. (3) lukewarm accuse implement set temperature is average set is controlled in 180 ℃ , basis advocate proper small temperature adjustment controls the rotate speed on any account of electric machinery implement set temperature, bear fruit with place of glue bag heal be able to bear or endure pull to allow. Because give priority to electric machinery when rotate speed is higher, reciprocate of the fluctuation that seal a knife is fast, heal time is short, if seal knife temperature on the low side, can cause glue bag say sth definitive so as to prevent further discussion place is not firm. When advocate when electric machinery rotate speed is inferior, heal time is long, if seal knife temperature on the high side, can bring about place of glue bag heal to iron wear. (4) on man-machine interface but set fixed length is sealed cut or chase after color to seal cut, cut the bag of length, length that recall scene, early-warning number, send bag of rate, quicken time of time, slowdown, seal for fixed length when the choice when cutting, the inductor that recall scene does not have action, PLC program according to the machinery of servo orgnaization the electronic gear of driver of transmission comparing, servo is compared, the line number of code converter of servo electric machinery and the circumference that give makings roller, computation gives servo driver to receive a certain quantity of pulse, the glue bag ` that servo electric machinery gives makings roller roll to take certain length with respect to drive. Realized fixed length control so. Chase after color to seal when the choice when cutting, its process is as follows, servo actuating signal guides, servo electric machinery according to PLC program beforehand when the athletic curve of set undertakes motion, retarded motion, low speed chases after color, PLC to receive the signal that recall scene acceleration motion, constant speed, stop servo electric machinery instantly through breaking pattern. The average length that recall scene is 10 millimeter, and the requirement chases after lubricious signal can recalling scene only act well inside limits, screen needs to drop its to disturb signal inside other limits. Chase after color to seal cut when debugging, in the constant speed speed of electric machinery of good servo of the set on man-machine interface, will quicken time, slowdown time to set first long, move low speed to seek lubricious rate again, raise low speed to seek lubricious rate as far as possible, in order to recall scene smooth, accurate to allow. After adjusting the rate that recall scene, move again quicken time, slowdown time, as far as possible tone weak point increases slowdown time, with glue bag and give makings roller not to happen to slide relatively reach chase after color to be smoothly accurate. (5) PLC program is chasing after color to seal when cutting, note number to chasing after kind of signal, when detecting 3 times continuously, PLC stops each electric machinery to run, and drive warning apparatus calls the police. At the same time PLC program notes number to batch, when batch achieves early-warning to be worth, PLC drive warning apparatus calls the police clew. (6) knob is received to move outside passing implement can be opposite advocate electric machinery and send makings electric machinery timing, the value of pulse frequency set that changes the PLC on man-machine interface can is opposite servo timing. (7) write inside PLC move automatically to be moved with the hand debug a program, a type of local school in ancient times of voluntary movement travel is manufacturing process, the hand is moved when debugging a program to be air plane or maintenance, use. This system uses the following product: PWS is amounted to in, 8CB75-2DE7F is amounted to in VFD004A23A transducer is being amounted to in VFD007A23A transducer is being amounted to in 500S man-machine interface, h20B-CB751C27F servo FX-1S of 3 water chestnut E5CS-X of dragon of – 14MT PLC ohm is lukewarm accuse implement inductor of color patch of SICK company NT6 CNC Milling CNC Machining