The applied example of hard turning

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Good car is in installation cost, cover an area of the respect such as area and treatment efficiency to have an advantage more than grinding. 1, cutting dosage and dosage of cutting condition cutting choose reasonable, very big to hard turning influence! Workpiece material hardness is taller, its cutting speed should be jumped over small. The cutting rate with hard turning appropriate finish machining is 50 ~ 200m/min, commonly used limits is 100 ~ 150m/min. Should use cut greatly deep or when interrupted cutting, cut fast should maintain in 50 ~ 100m/min, cut normally deeply 0.

1 ~ 0.

3mm; When demand of treatment surface surface roughness is high, optional small cutting deepness, feed chooses normally 0.

025 ~ 0.

25mm/r, inspect specific basis to numerical value of exterior surface roughness and productivity ask and be decided. Because the hear resistance of PCBN and material of cutting tool of pottery and porcelain and wearability are good, can choose higher cutting rate and bigger cutting deepness and lesser feed. And the effect that cutting dosage compares pair of PCBN cutting tool to influence of tatty of hard alloy cutting tool wants big, reason shoulds not be with hard alloy cutting tool choose higher cutting rate and cutting deepness. Bearing covers spare parts sketch map 2, the company treatment spare parts in machining spare parts and craft parameter give typical examples is a bearing to cover, final before process is to use the means of grinding to undertake, it is thus clear that by the graph this spare parts needs the aperture in treatment and end panel. Craft is: Machine treatment - heat treatment - grinding. When using grinding, first thick, essence is ground in aperture troubles end panel with again thick, essence, will make sure precision asks with this. If price of an economy grinder is 200 thousand yuan or so about, cover an area of an area for 4.

4m × 5.

4m, cost also cans be imagined. After the K250 lathe of Kummer Freres company arrives, use PCBN to exceed strong cutting tool " with the car era grinds " treatment craft is: Finish machining of heat treatment → of rough machining → (good car) . PCBN cutting tool has extremely tall hardness and red rigid, the tall hardness spare parts that can make be machined obtains good exterior surface roughness. Data of this kind of hardware is GCr15, the hardness after quenching is HRC60 ~ 62, aperture precision is IT4, exterior surface roughness Ra ≤ 0.

1mm. New technology can improve treatment efficiency substantially, reduce finished cost: Use grinding technology formerly, metre is 65s/ ; Use turning of PCBN cutting tool now (cutting parameter V=60 M/min, f=0.

025mm/r, ap=0.

1mm) , metre is 35s/ , in addition, apportion also has to the finished cost of every spare parts drop. Visible, good car is in installation cost, cover an area of the respect such as area and treatment efficiency to have an advantage more than grinding. CNC Milling CNC Machining