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3,   of   of lathe clamping apparatus (one) the main type   of lathe clamping apparatus is in according to clamping apparatus the installation position on lathe, cent of lathe clamping apparatus is two kinds of main types. 1. Install the clamping apparatus on slide or lathe bed. The work with irregular to certain appearance or greater dimension, often install clamping apparatus on lathe slide, installation of cutting tool criterion makes whirligig in machine tool main shaft, workpiece of clamping apparatus along with makes feed motion. 2. Install the clamping apparatus   on lathe main shaft this kind of clamping apparatus is mixed besides the general clamping apparatus such as all sorts of chuck, tip outside machine tool accessory, often design all sorts of arbor and other special fixture according to machining need, the clamping apparatus when treatment rotates together along with main shaft, cutting tool makes feed motion. What use morer in production is to install all sorts of circumgyrate on lathe main shaft kind clamping apparatus. The structural characteristic that this kinds of clamping apparatus discusses only below reason and design want a place. (2) this section will introduce the typical structure   of lathe special fixture the typical structure of clamping apparatus of 3 kinds of lathe: Clamping apparatus of lathe of angle iron type; Take the lathe clamping apparatus of graduation device; From clamping apparatus of centering type lathe (bedspring arbor) . 1. The structural characteristic of clamping apparatus of car of type of angle iron of   of clamping apparatus of lathe of angle iron type is to have the clamping apparatus system that is similar to angle iron. Commonly used the columnar face that goes up at machining housing, pedestal, connect to wait for kind of spare parts and end panel. Graph 6, the 22 bracket that are treatment kind spare parts. The 100js6 of ¢ of face of the cylinder outside machining the surface to be of this working procedure, the distance measure that should defend its axes is 100 ± 0.

10mm and 57.

5 ± 0.

05mm, assure its axes and underside B parallel. Graph 6, the structural give typical examples of the clamping apparatus of 23 car of angle iron type that are this working procedure. The mix of this clamping apparatus is particular 1 for construction of angle iron type, the appearance is one party form, but pour a circle quadrilateral. To assure ± of 100 of working procedure dimension 0.

10mm and 57.

5 ± 0.

05mm, according to fiducial coincide principle, planar B is choice bottom to basically locate standard restriction is spent 3 times freely, in clip body is provided go up to regard fixed position as component with 3 bearing hammer, the beard after 3 bearing hammer is assembled is ground smooth, in order to achieve the high demand such as working surface. Be in with workpiece flank C the backing plate of clamping apparatus 3 on fixed position limitation is spent twice freely. Rely on to deserve to weigh a plane of 6 to make with D face again till push fiducial, limitation is spent freely (this freedom spends a basis to machine a requirement to need not be restricted) . With pressing plate of two pairs of helix 3 clamp workpiece. To make circumgyrate of whole clamping apparatus is balanced, add deserve to weigh a 6. The join of clamping apparatus and machine tool main shaft is through transferring of dish of 7 implementation. Body of clamping apparatus of angle iron type 1 with bolt and transfer dish of 7 connection, transfer dish 7 join with ministry of front of machine tool main shaft. Transfer dish of accessory that all is lathe commonly offer together along with lathe, if did not transfer dish should carry design of ministry structure proper motion according to lathe main shaft. The ¢ D aperture among clamping apparatus body is craft aperture, regard 100 of the dimension when assembling clamping apparatus as ± 0.

10mm and 57.

5 ± 0.

The measurement of 05mm craft aperture, when also can installing axle main shaft as clamping apparatus, search coaxial of axes of circumgyrate of clamping apparatus center and machine tool main shaft spends search aperture. This craft aperture is the essential factor of very main a structure on clamping apparatus of angle iron type. 2. The lathe clamping apparatus that heads graduation unit (clamping apparatus of lathe of flower disc type) the clamping apparatus body of clamping apparatus of lathe of type of   flower disc is disc form. The spare parts figure that machines on clamping apparatus of flower disc type is average more complex. Below most circumstance, the fixed position of workpiece is standard the cylinder that it is a circle and its perpendicular end panel. The axes photograph of the working face of the component of planar fixed position on clamping apparatus and machine tool main shaft is perpendicular. Graph 6-24 builds process chart for backwater. This working procedure machines backwater to build screw of G1 // of on 2 –. Machine a requirement: The center of two screw is apart from for 78 ± 0.

3mm, two screw connect a heart included angle is 45 ° between the line, two aperture axes and underside are perpendicular. Graph the 26 heads graduation unit lathe that are this working procedure place 6 – recognizance compose give typical examples. Workpiece parts to be sold in index plate 3, cylinder with underside and aperture of 9mm of 2 – ¢ 7 sell with lozenge 6 on fixed position, use one side way of two opening fixed position, screw nut 9, pressing plate of two pairs of helix 8 clamp workpiece. The car is over after an aperture, loose 3 nut 5, pull out to a system of fixed quotas for marketing, index plate ° of 3 circumgyrate 180, should fall in the action of bedspring force to a system of fixed quotas for marketing, in inserting another graduation aperture, screw the nut 5 of T form bolt, can machine another aperture. Clamping apparatus body 2 mix with end panel C stop mouth (¢ 170H7) with transfer dish decide 1 pair, originally with snail clench, transfer dish join with machine tool main shaft. To make circumgyrate of whole clamping apparatus is balanced, the setting on clamping apparatus deserves to weigh piece 11. 3. From clamping apparatus of centering type lathe (bedspring arbor)   pursues 6, be being shown 26 times is 300- 0 of the ¢ on axis of treatment a flight of stairs.

Columnar face reachs the lathe clamping apparatus of its end panel outside 033 Mm. If be used from centering,outfit of 3 ungual chuck places workpiece, the coaxial that assures the two cylinder that carry a circle very hard spends a requirement, for this, designed special bedspring collet. Workpiece with ¢ 200-0.

The round cylinder of 021mm and end panel C are in 2 decided at the higher level but not officially announced of bedspring collet, in the taper hole that clamping apparatus body inserts lathe main shaft with awl handle. Should screw nut 3 when, the cone inside its forces collet clamp of systole general workpiece. Invert when nut, collet goes up, loose workpiece. When nut forces collet to contract, because the ply of collet is even, radial deflection is equal, reason is in process of the workpiece that hold clip, distributing the error edge radial of fixed position tool reference plane equably, make the fixed position of workpiece standard (axes) always can with fixed position component (collet axes) coincide, namely △ Y=0, this kind has centering and clamp the orgnaization of double function, call centering clamp orgnaization. Graph 6, be being shown 27 times is bedspring collet arbor. Because the long way of workpiece compares L/d? 1, the two end of 2 design reason general collet valve of reed of the chamfer that it is a fault. Rotate nut 4 make awl is covered 3 with arbor body of 1 outside cone draws close each other, force collet valve of reed of 2 two end is outward and even outspread, clamp of fiducial aperture centering. Rotate reversely nut 4, belt retreat awl to cover 3, but debus workpiece. If pursue 6, 28 are shown, the cone angle of the cone of collet job cone 2 α have certain effect to centering clamp effect. Prolong its service life to make taller centering precision is obtained to reach after centering clamp, take 2 α =300 to collet commonly; Its awl covers cone angle to take into consideration the circumstances is reduced or can increase 1 ° ; If gripping range is not big, also but need not increase and decrease. Bedspring collet greater part already was standardized, can offer choose. If need to be designed by oneself, its are main structural parameter can consult following and various affirmatory. N=1 ~ 3mm, d1 -- oriented and columnar external diameter needs to decide by the structure, 3)mm of ~ of D=d1-(2 of Mm;     ; L1=(0.

5 ~ 1.

2)D; The diameter with fiducial location of work of – of D – –, mm; L2=(1.

5 ~ 2.

Chamfer of – of – of – of N of   of   of 4mm; of ~ of B=2 of 5)d;     is counted, when D ≤ 30 Mm, n=3; 80mm of ≤ of 30mm < D? When, ? ? N =4. (3) 1 of   of point of design of lathe clamping apparatus. The rotor line coincide of the circumgyrate axes that when designing tabulator, should make machine the surface and lathe main shaft. 2. When designing clamp plant, must notice reliable, safe. Because clamping apparatus and workpiece follow main shaft to rotate together, still have the effect of centrifugal force besides cutting force. The clamping force that arises because of place of this clamp orgnaization must enough, want from the lock reliable, produce equipment and person accident in order to prevent. Graph 6-29 carries out the comparison of plan for clamping force. The clamp plan of the 6 -29a of graph of excel of sex of clamp plan on the safe side of graph 6-29b. 3. The join means of clamping apparatus and lathe main shaft, the basis places the bulk of specific and radial dimension, have two kinds of methods commonly: (1) to 140mm of < of radial dimension D, or D < (2, the small-sized clamping apparatus of 3)d, in installing the taper hole in main shaft with awl handle commonly, use bolt taut. If pursue 6, 30a place is shown. (2) bigger to radial dimension clamping apparatus, pass commonly transfer dish join with front of lathe main shaft. Be like graph 6-30b, c, d place is shown, its join the configuration of means and front of lathe main shaft is concerned. Special fixture stops with its fixed position the mouth presses H7/h6, or H7/js6 is assembled in transfer dish on flange, reoccupy snail clench originallies. Install precision to rise, when the clamping device on lathe, also can make search on the circle outside clamping apparatus body round, by search the circle searchs the coaxial of clamping apparatus center and axes of machine tool main shaft is spent, stop right now mouth and transfer of flange cooperate clearance to should be increased appropriately. 4. Of clamping apparatus hang the ratio that extends length L and outline dimension D to should consult following numerical value chooses: The diameter is less than the clamping apparatus of 150mm, l/D ≤ 1.

25; The diameter is in the clamping apparatus between 300mm of 150mm ~ , l/D ≤ 0.

9; The diameter is more than the clamping apparatus of 300mm, l/D ≤ 0.

6. 5. Total construction should balance clamping apparatus. Because this is general,should add to clamping apparatus cooperate piece or decrease heavy aperture. Match heavy inaccuracy to make up for what reach with estimation algorithm, deserve to weigh piece (or clamping apparatus body) on should set radial chamfer or annular groove, hair adjust deserve to weigh a position. 6. To assure safety, all sorts of component on clamping apparatus body do not allow to highlight outline of circle of clamping apparatus body beyond. 7. The dimension on general drawing of clamping apparatus body is tagged except outside having identical demand with average machine design, return the characteristic that should note its oneself. Still answer on clamping apparatus general drawing namely error of fixed position of line out influence, mounting error and the dimension that adjust an error to concern and technical requirement. Those who affect fixed position error basically is to locate component or fixed position make tolerancepublic errand or fits tolerance deputily. The 6 that be like a graph, 26 in two fixed position sell 9f 9 of tolerancepublic errand ф and ф 9f 7 to reach two sell a center to be apart from 142 ± 0.

06mm. Those who affect mounting error basically is the dimension precision between working face of fixed position component and face of machine tool join and positional precision. The underside on clamping apparatus body (the 6 that be like a graph, 24 in 6 of A face, graph, 26 in E face) the end panel that reflects machine tool main shaft; And the craft aperture on clamping apparatus (the 6 that be like a graph, 24 in D of craft aperture ¢ ) , on clamping apparatus body stop mouth (the 6 that be like a graph, 26 medium ¢ 170H7 aperture) or on the circle outside clamping apparatus body search the circle all is reflected. Because this locates,component working face and these join face all answer precision of line out dimension or positional precision. The 6 that be like a graph, ± of 24 medium dimension 100 0.

05 Mm and 57.

5 ± 0.

05 Mm. Be like graph 6 again, 26 in ask to wait to the parallelism of C face. Affecting those who adjust an error is the dimension precision between cutting tool and working face of fixed position component and positional precision. This introduces again in clamping apparatus of the following drilling machine and milling machine clamping apparatus. (4) aborning of orgnaization of clamp of helix of   of helix clamp orgnaization is used very general. Its structure is simple, clamp distance is great, especially it is had from the lock function is mixed add muscularity two big characteristics. It basically has two kinds of typical structures. 1. 6 of graph of   of orgnaization of individual bolt clamp, 31 A place is shown for bolt of impaction of 6 horn head, it is ministry of the nailhead that use spiral shell direct impaction workpiece. Graph place of 6 – 31 B is shown dynamic pressure piece is placed in screw head mount, can prevent to workpiece appearance is marred when bolt rotates or drive workpiece to rotate. If pursue,place form of dynamic pressure cake 6, 32. 2. 6 of graph of   of orgnaization of clamp of helix pressing plate, 33 for 5 kinds of commonly used typical structures. Graph 6, the position of the bolt that use power of two orgnaizations of 33 A, B is different. Graph 6, 33 A reduces force but add clamp route, graph 6-34 B does not gain strength but direction of changeable clamping force. Graph 6, 34 C uses hinge pressing plate to gain strength, but reduce clamp travel, use on the restriction that accepts work measure form. Graph 6, 33 D is hook form pressing plate, its structure is compact, apply to the circumstance that position of clamp orgnaization space is restricted. Graph 6, 33 E is self-regulated type pressing plate, it can get used to workpiece height by 0 to the change inside certain limits, its structure is simple, use convenient. CNC Milling CNC Machining