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Technology of control of summary position servo is one of crucial technologies in numerical control system. The author uses motion to controlled special chip HCTL-1100 to develop with form a complete set of numerical control system hand in annulus of dc servo position to control module. Concern character through studying the sequential of HCTL-1100 chip is mixed, designed relevant interface circuit for its. The gain abundant that uses open loop transfer function is spent, photo corner abundant is spent waited to undertake to HCTL-1100 number compensator design and evaluate. Keyword: Function of interface of HCTL-1100 of positional servo control analyses The Technique Of Position Servo Control Is One Of The Key Techniques In Machine Tools CNC System of Abstract   of   of   of Yang Xiangdong of   of The Position Servo Control Based On HCTL-1100Ye Peiqing.

The Position Control Module To Be Used In AC&DC Servo System Has Been Designed With The Special Motion Control Integrated Circuit HCTL-1100, after The Postulate Of Position Servo Control For Machine Tools CNC System Has Been Analyzed.

The Characteristics And Time Sequence Of HCTL-1100 Are Studied In Detail, the Interface Circuit Have Been Designed And Evaluated With The Concept Of Gain Affluence And Phase Angle Affluence Of Open Loop Transfer Function.

Key Words:pServo of feed of foreword of Osition Servo Control;interface Of HCTL-1100; Characteristics Analysis1 is the interface component of CNC controller and mechanical drive, decide the main index such as precision of the manufacturing efficiency of numerical control machine tool, treatment directly. The servo that is used at machine tool numerical control asks to have timing range stability of wide, rate is tall, along with move precision of fast, fixed position tall, repeat fixed position error small wait for index. Hand in traditionally, dc servo control arrives commonly till speed annulus, and in the feed reference axis in numerical control machine tool, want pilot finally to have speed, acceleration not only, more important is positional capacity however, so the implementation of positional annulus makes the main task of numerical control system, character of positional annulus pilot also becomes a when measure its performance main target. Apply to machine tool form a complete set and transformed system, the speed core that introduces a model commonly and positional outer shroud make P-PI place regulating system, if pursue,1 is shown. The article basically is controlled to positional annulus undertake research and design, choice HCTL-1100 chip controls core as its. Graph the positional regulating system that system of 1 numerical control uses HCTL-1100 of   of brief introduction of function of chip of 2   HCTL-1100 is American HP company new the general-purpose, high-powered electric machinery that roll out moves control chip, its interior principle is shown 2 times like the graph. Graph the structural principle of 2   HCTL-1100 pursues 2.

The   of main function characteristic of 1   HCTL-1100 (1) is controallable a variety of electric machinery, include to not have brush electric machinery, servo electric machinery, pace to enter electric machinery. (2) can offer the way of 4 kinds of control such as positional control, speed control to the user. (3) interior has programmable number to compensate a network, to closed circuit systematic transfer function can provide particular corrective action, inside the made systematic bandwidth that requires in place, have appropriate photo corner abundant is spent and amplitude abundant is spent. (The interface of 4) and CPU is 8 two-way bus line, among them 6 use an address / data answer works with means, additionally 2 transmit data signal only. To CPU, HCTL is equivalent to 64 control register, read according to definite pattern, write register, can start corresponding control operation. (5) has SYNC synchronism to cite a base, achieve much axis linkage easily. (The feedback input CHA that 6) has photoelectricity coder, CHB, / INDEX. 2.

The controls register   HCTL job of 2   HCTL-1100 is controlled by 64 8 interior register, these register contained the command that dominates HCTL correctly and configuration information, for example: (1) electric machinery commands register (R08H) : The value of this register commands the output of port for electric machinery namely, HCTL falls to control this register according to controlling the rule in control mode. (2) number compensates register: It includes at 0 o'clock register (R20H) , the utmost register (R21H) , gain register (R22H) . The control system that makes as a result of HCTL is closed circuit more, to satisfy closed circuit system working stability asks, HCTL interior designed a number to compensate functional link, its transfer function is: (∈ of K, A, B [0, 256] monomial section) the value that should choose 3 register appropriately only, with respect to need of can contented major pilot. (Tally of 3) sampling time (R0FH) : HCTL is system of sampling of a number essentially, in each cycle, be worth according to sampling and be worth computation to output currently, sampling cycle is decided by the number in R0FH, its relation is: T = 16 (T + 1) the Fclk in / Fclk type -- T of   of   of frequency of HCTL job clock -- sampling is periodic, r0FH is worth circuit of 3 hardware interface mediumly to use the positional annulus that HCTL-1100 designs to control a system, its are overall the structure is shown 3 times like the graph. Those who need an attention is, because HCTL-1100 itself also includes a microprocessor, its read write control to have its specialty logically, cannot use simply / IOR, / IOW implementation is read keep control, must have read write interface of control logic circuit. Graph the control sequential that 3 positions servo controls total construction block diagram to pass careful research HCTL, can discover HCTL asks to use on one hand / the ascendant edge of CS (address signal is invalid always) the lock collects available data, ask on the other hand / the ascendant edge of CS must corresponding the significant portion at R/W signal. And the address signal of the PC is basically complete inside whole cycle effective, when waiting for its to disable, nonexistent already available data, if the graph shows CPU 4 times,be to use / the rise of IOW collects available data along the lock. Because this can use an address piece pick signal (/ CS) and / of IOW " with " logic will control HCTL-1100 piece pick signal (/ CS) comes true, in order to assure / CS rises to choose an action not only, and can use its to rise to collect available data along the lock. / the R/W to HCTL-1100 is received again after IOW delay time, with making its lag behind at HCTL-1100 piece pick signal (/ CS) period of time, assure / the ascendant edge of CS is corresponding the significant portion at R/W signal. Graph 4   PC writes operation sketch map 4 positions adjust annulus parameter design and the effect that function analyses positional adjustment annulus are to make the real position of output of feed drive system follows input instruction. The requirement that machine tool control adjusts to the position is output with as far as possible small error follows input, and do not arise exceed tone. To the graph 1 shows system of half closed circuit, speed annulus presses electric current vector to control, can simplify for scale link, positional annulus uses HCTL implementation, the digital model that gets a system is shown 5 times like the graph. Graph transfer function of its open loop is block diagram of model of maths of the servo below control of 5 electric current vector: KD of = of the Ks in type.



2 π of N / N of       -- KMC of   of   of coder reticle number -- / of KT of = of KMC of   of   of constant of electric machinery gain (Jm + JL) (Rad / A.

S2) Jm of       -- JL of   of   of electric machinery inertia -- KT of   of laden inertia   -- electric machinery is electric time is invariable, nm/A   uses time to be T. The positional annulus that designs with HCTL-1100 controls card, cooperate Japanese Dong Rong the VLBSE-07512 of servo electric machinery of electric company, servo driver VLBSE-020P, form positional servo to control a system. Each parameter is: 20 / of KD = 256, KA = 10, n = 1000, a of / of KT = 99Nm, jm = 0. 016, JL = 2Nm, be in via emulating computation T = 4ms, a = 218, b = 254, 44 parameter control issues K = , its unit rank jump (equivalent of a pulse) if the graph is shown 6 times,function is answered. The experiment proves, precision of systematic fixed position and along with move a gender to be able to satisfy a machine tool to control a demand. Graph 6 units rank jump answer CNC Milling CNC Machining