Numerical control is secondhand the choice of equipment

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Alleged and secondhand the old machine tool that equipment still has use value namely, because technology and economic progress are lopsided, application of numerical control machine tool asks at all sorts of tall, low differring, at present numerical control still has market of an old machine tool in machine tool market, old machine tool still has use value, price with its is new machine tool a few even very one of, have appeal. But buy old machine tool to be duped easily also, this kind of precedent is many already. Buy old machine tool to want to grasp two points, namely: ① asks according to the use of oneself, cut the residual use value that assesses old machine tool truly. Meeting of ② old machine tool faces breakdown much hair, precision to drop, working dependability drops, wear away ageing component is repaired replace wait for a problem, want to have the experience of machine tool of use numerical control so, should have maintenance old machine tool integrated technology support. When pure use unit has two afore-mentioned requirements very hard sometimes, can choose make it of collaboration of professional technology unit. Come a few years numerical control machine tool applies experience to make clear in great quantities in manufacturing industry, each are crucial in the machine tool yuan of component, service life differs very big, a precision of good machine tool machinery maintains a gender to be able to be in 10 ~ 15 years of above, and grind through repairing still can restore. And a few electric yuan of parts of an apparatus, reliable work life is in numerical control system 6 ~ 8 years, want 8 years to enter breakdown to send an area high commonly later; And the component that replaces maintenance to in those days is found very hard also, after buying old machine tool so, undertake counting accusing to change transforming, restore machine tool youth afresh, this also is a kind of little beautiful money, plan that handles affairs more, but have a risk. Numerical control is secondhand facilities alternative move is as follows roughly: (The sort that 1) defines to place requires equipment according to the requirement of oneself and the treatment precision that norms limits asks to be able to be achieved actually, (requirement of avery kind of is best can give out to adjust range certainly, adjust appropriately according to the case offerring money that gets actually) decide what what need to purchase an object. (2) understanding offers money market trends or entrust intermediary orgnaization to offer require equipment information and relevant technology data somewhat, if likely best can understand actually to the spot secondhand equipment current situation, data of technology of existent machine tool and past years run a record to cut the technical condition that evaluates a machine tool to be in what level truly. (3) can is opposite after getting the bargainor cuts quoted price truly this is secondhand of equipment predicting effect evaluate, decide namely: A.

Can be this equipment still used? B.

A few years to still use effectively? C.

It the ability after how many charge increase to use this device even is normal to the ability after how many charge increase to use this device even is investment used? For example: The carriage installation of equipment debugs cost, staff technology grooms cost, farther technical reformation expends equipment, equipment upkeep. D.

Are efficiency and treatment precision and congener new facility being produced to still have after equipment investment moves how old distinction? Whether can reference be worth to buy certainly after the price of congener new facility, say commonly, the machine tool that has used 5 years of less than can continue to be used for a long time, the machine tool that has used 10 years of above does not pass numerical control system electric transform, be repaired in machine tool machinery or heavy repair, old machine tool uses ability to achieve idealer result. Considering afore-mentioned all sorts of increasing after the element, increase price to price of new machine tool on quote of old machine tool 80% in it is economical, again tall when undeserved go risking this risk, use equipment of 10 years of above to also can quote only so the 20~30% of new machine tool; The machine tool that uses 5 years of less than is in price of 50~80% new machine tool. Dare to buy secondhand the expression that equipment uses good device is maturity of use unit technology actually, the mark is worn this unit is using technology and maintenance technology to go up to already was achieved quite level. Because this suggests the new user of numerical control machine tool does not want commonly,buy secondhand equipment, unless find professional technology to support an unit to make backup force, otherwise future trouble is boundless. CNC Milling CNC Machining