Simplify the rehabilitate of main shaft

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The main shaft of machine tool production manufacturer is used nowadays modular design, when because become,need has main shaft repair, because consider the issue such as production and environmental protection, this job need is frequent and handy finish. Repair or change normally the conference below the circumstance appears when machine tool main shaft two problems: It is cutting tool can affect workpiece or clamping apparatus, destroy main shaft taper via regular meeting even or damage its interior bearing; 2 it is a few contaminant adhere to in machine tool interior space, cooling fluid or lubricant supply a system in, their meeting wait for one's chance enters main shaft, it is bearing even. Mr William Gibler is the technician of advanced main shaft of abundant field company, there is 60% in the main shaft that is destroyed what he maintains is caused, and because pollute,the problem of the others basically is. Pollution originates normally the daily attention with equipment necessary lack, or it is the factory did not maintain normally maintain a plan, its will cause the reduction of output of the factory or stop production as a result, and the maintenance of equipment also will be an endless and costly process. Mr Gibler explanation says: "What abundant field company designs is modular similar operation has than other company when main shaft is having main shaft repair faster, simpler. " the main shaft that each Feng Tian designs is compositive in housing of a main shaft, carry the main shaft case of bolt adjustment machine tool. Those who control ark to be able to let a machine tool use its workbench and main shaft case is compositive replace before cumbersome main shaft housing, the main shaft case that distributes stock bearing still closes inside new-style main shaft housing. Such, maintenance technician can disassemble expediently not only and maintenance is located in each spare partses in main shaft housing, and can use the main shaft with testing stand new remote control, as it it is direct installation like going up in the machine tool. Of main shaft modular design characteristic was included dismountable type cone, it can make maintenance more convenient, make the user can be in what freedom changes knife handle type and need not replace whole main shaft to adopt test platform on equipment debug, housing of this main shaft is OK by easily restoration. This has not at other design means, because most design means is main shaft box from take out inside the machine tool, and stator still is withheld inside main shaft box, after rehabilitate of main shaft box, the adjustment of whole main shaft must be finished on the machine tool. Same, abundant cropland main shaft also has device of pull rod of type of a module to be able to be taken out from the front of the machine tool. Those are compared when taking out draw bar so the design that the part must take out in the limited space from the back of the machine tool should be gotten simply much. Mr Gibler thinks, the design element with abundant cropland the cleverest main shaft is dismountable the cone of type (graph) . Of course, if produce collision, this cone is damaged very easily also. "But, if be spare parts of this one main shaft merely,be damaged, so machine tool of cropland of the abundant after installing a new cone can be in 30min start afresh. " Mr Gibler say. "Crucial factor is affirmatory whether this cone spare parts appeared only problem. " Mr Gibler says, "Such, workers can solve this problem immediately, they are met take out this cone for a short while, have corresponding test to main shaft canal next. Once check a result to make clear the function of bearing everything is normal, and main shaft also moves normally on central line, so the user can reinstall a cone and assure it to also be on central line can. " " the worker proper motion that the precision public errand that each component assembles can assure a workshop changes cone. " Mr Gibler says. This cone has two diameters measure, treatment public errand is in 10 μ of ± inside M limits, can guide cone to assemble be in charge of into main shaft (this rod tube also has same dimension noncombatant duty) . After the user inserts cone, clingy bolt, check to index having inside cone next. Undertake in this process a few adjusting no more than is according to specific program the ordinal nut that tighten solid, operate a worker to any accordingly and character, it is a very simple thing. Use this to plant dismountable type pyramidal another advantage is to be able to let job shops change according to diverse demand knife handle interface. For example, the workshop can need to change the knife handle of CAT40 or CAT50 taper according to treatment the knife handle that is HSK 63a or HSK 100a model. To accomplish these, change the pull rod device that the user still must change to match, automatically knife library mixes the knife to trade knife rocking arm automatically. "Even if also was not necessary to change whole main shaft so. " Mr Gibler says, "The workshop can change Big Kaiser normally the interface of double end panel of Big Plus, such, when needing very tall tigidity, a cone can accommodate the knife handle of Big Plus and the CAT 40 that we need or CAT 50 knife handle at the same time. A cone can accommodate the knife handle of Big Plus and the CAT 40 that we need or CAT 50 knife handle at the same time.. CNC Milling CNC Machining