The clip that to Bao Bi workpiece safety stabilizes is held

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The chuck of 6 ungual hydraulic pressure that contains the central function that solve a lock conduces to weather strip of metallic slip ring undertaking on efficient machining center very precision and accurate treatment use chuck of 6 ungual hydraulic pressure sealed workpiece undertakes slip ring of thin to easy metabolic wall puissant and careful clip, nicety, safe and stable. The central system solving a lock on chuck can realize the fast transhipment of through cargo of chuck. Weather strip of metallic slip ring (graph 1 ~ 3) the main component that serves as pump, what also matter to the transportation of such as oil, plastic production or water is remote carry wait for a problem. For slide annulus weather strip can produce effect reliably for a long time, the clearance of on weather strip two relatively rotational sealing surface is below any exercise condition all must keep stable. To this, besides should choose right stuff besides, the accurate treatment of efficient machining center also is crucial. And only the mix that workpiece of thin to easy metabolic wall has safety is stabilized is held, just achieve this goal likely. The Eagle-Burgmann company that weather strip of global slip ring basically creates one of manufacturer ensures with its special technology program its are banner position. In machining a process, this company used Röhm chuck system, the research and development of ungual to containing 6 accurate wedge chuck promoted the further progress of the enterprise. Graph the main component that weather strip of 1 metal slip ring regards pump as, what also be in charge of the transportation of such as oil plants, plastic production or water is remote carry a plan weather strip of 2 metals slip ring pursues for austenite steel mostly the 3 treatment that are aimed at weather strip of metallic slip ring, need uses the nextpage6 of milling processing technique with accurate micron the clip of ungual chuck holds power the biggest achieve 150kN the core task that the clip that to Bao Bi workpiece safety stabilizes is held is treatment of weather strip of metallic slip ring (graph 4) . The high-tech product that because great majority is high,value stainless steel should be processed to be high load capacity, because this quality is a crucial factor. Slip ring weather strip is weather strip of a kind of dynamic sex, it wants what to rotating component and dormant component undertake answering relatively is sealed, because this is right,the treatment need of slip ring weather strip has extremely tall technology tricks of the trade. Hold to the clip of preform of big diameter stainless steel make a kind of special challenge. The thin wall workpiece that is aimed at this kind of special requirement often is austenite rolled steel, for example alloy or nickel base alloy, they are held in clip and do not allow to happen absolutely in treatment process be out of shape. In the meantime, milling treatment must want to achieve micron class precision. Of special research and development contain the Röhm that is the same as circularity very high puissant chuck solved this thorny difficult problem, it is mixed with 6 claw most greatly the clip of 150kN holds force to undertake to Bao Bi workpiece puissant, comprehensive and without metabolic clip is held. The course is run in clip in, clip holds force to be able to get extremely subtle with accurate adjustment. Because can repeat precision tall, because this machines a result,also can achieve good can duplicate quality. Through fast jaw board change system, chuck can finish transhipment of through cargo inside cutty time, because this is used very agile. Graph 4 use 6 claw chuck and most greatly the clip that the clip of 150kN holds force to undertake to workpiece of easy metabolic Bao Bi safety and appearance are stabilized is held before the Eagle-Burgmann of time of transhipment of through cargo with longer need of planar helix chuck was built 1884 by Feodor Burgmann, its belong to Freudenberg group. This enterprise v/arc be on the throne the weather strip of metallic slip ring that at Wolfratshausen and Eurasburg two workshops produce all sorts of utility lubricates compatibly weather strip, it is this domain whole world one of 3 big companies. Amiable and lubricant weather strip basically uses groovy weather strip on the similar device such as machine of pump, pneumatics, dasher. Besides traditional batch and series product, special technical program also is a main applied field. Enraging domain of lubricant weather strip especially, this company has numerous slip face treatment and shaping patent technology. The Röhm chuck product that develops technically by Eagle-Burgmann company has had 7 investment to use, the symptom that already was regarded as to be special treatment on equipment of new-style machine tool distributes a product. The planar helix chuck that uses before needs time of longer transhipment of through cargo, and the time of transhipment of through cargo when using Eagle-Burgmann chuck does not exceed 15min. In addition, vintage chuck is clearing eyewinker (if cut bits) when also very give or take a lot of trouble. As replacement scheme, people also has introduced the chuck product of other production firm. But, the precision of these chuck is insufficient, and service life is two years only, these cannot be accepted by people place. Although Röhm chuck product is regarded as to be high quality product by the company namely since 1992, but have not proper mix manages applied situation. Eagle-Burgmann company is sure to need a kind to be able to undertake be placinged with all one's strength holding to cricoid workpiece and clip holds power chuck of accurate and adjustable 6 ungual hydraulic pressure. The dilemma that faces however is: Although Röhm company has the chuck of standard type hydraulic pressure of 315 norms, but chuck has 3 claw only. On chuck of this kind of norms, what cannot realize a hope is puissant with reliable 6 claw wedge lever principle. The drive that because the user is in the talk,tries to using the minor part of 250 norms chuck to undertake and drive, in the job of research and development of the technical program that the design personnel of Röhm company responds to the requirement of the user publicly and immediately investment is an user technically. The card claw with quick implementation of technology of central solution lock changes the technique of central solution lock of calorie of claw is very main, because solve lock technology well to just can realize quick transhipment of through cargo only,this is. Accordingly, production unit is on the foundation of the Duro-NC3 ungual chuck of the 315mm specification that contains central Jiesuo and function of fast transhipment of through cargo, the design gave a kind of 6 ungual chuck. Design staff is original have the aid of measures the deformation force that gets action to go up at thin wall workpiece at a kind of special software. After can repeating the frame condition such as precision and higher security it is precision of time of shorter transhipment of through cargo, taller the sex that be the same as a circle, weller to considering such as as a whole, final make choice of is in technical program on a kind of Duro-NC puissant chuck that is based on wedge lever principle. Decorate to can realize 6 calories of ungual designs, all did brand-new design on chuck matrix and chuck piston lever. To additional check claw also was done match, as all other wearing away same, additional check claw also accepted sclerosis and burnish processing. 6 ungual chuck finish company of Eagle-Burgmann of transhipment of through cargo to reach for other work inside 3min an active conclusion: Chuck can repeat precision it is weller to mix besides the taller precision that be the same as a circle besides, still have the capacity of fast transhipment of through cargo. Be aimed at other work treatment, chuck can be in 3min the transhipment of through cargo that finish. In respect of fast transhipment of through cargo, card is ungual but fast open reachs the designated position, accuse cotter to show changing position. Rotate through bolt and adjust annulus, central solution locks up an orgnaization to be held to move. After card claw is locked up by solution, safe system has apply the brake to equipment main shaft namely, avoid its to produce accident roll. When transhipment of through cargo ends, card is ungual through rotating bolt answer is locked up to decide, chuck can be thrown afresh use. From this, card claw can receive pair of times application. In addition, as a result of chuck special wear well, because this can reach service life,grow and the end with low fare. This kind of chuck is safeguarded easily, enter contamination not easily also. Can say, going up to the treatment of weather strip of metallic slip ring, this company found to apply to all sorts of main shaft norms already, the optimal clip of economic material benefit supports technical approach. CNC Milling CNC Machining