Shallow theory how to improve efficiency of Pro/NC process designing effectively

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Group of electron of Wuhan Central Plains is the large and state-owned company of equipment of communication of radio of a production. As the swift and violent development of communication equipment, to enlarge scale of production, shorten product production is periodic, accelerate taste development newly speed and improve new product structure and exterior quality, we used the Pro/ENGINEER series software with famous industry. Pro/ENGINEER is company of American parameter technology (the CAD/CAM software that PTC) develops, gain ground very in our country. Pro/ENGINEER is changed with its parameter, be based on completely feature, relevant etc the concept is famous at CAD bound. Its technology characteristic is bright and reliable, suit us very much this kind of product upgrades the 3C industry with faster replacement. The bush fire edition that rolls out this year especially, the interface is relatively concise and lively, and the operation is handy easily begin. Since using 1 year, pro/ENGINEER is designed in structure of product of group of electron of Wuhan Central Plains, mould design and CNC Machining center get be applyinged extensively. The to program that our CNC Machining center ever relied on Pro/NC to finish a variety of 10 new products and several moulds in a the middle of a month and treatment task, in the huge advantage that produced very good economic benefits to reflect three-dimensional CAD/CAM software and CNC tie adequately also at the same time. Machine the use of module to Pro/ENGINEER through period of time, we think Pro/NC is the module of automation CAM treatment with a kind of very powerful function. Pro/NC supports high speed and the high-end treatment way such as many axis completely not only, still have oneself distinctive technology characteristic, have good expansibility. Because have its complete dependency, have a bit in the spare parts second birth needs to machine a file to be able to change treatment way automatically only when altering, and can supply part of generation finish machining control of optimal treatment method and intelligence change treatment method to found. Pro/NC allows personnel of CNC process designing to control treatment route of whole, until most the part of detail, the advantage is clear. The parameter that brings about Pro/NC to need to install neatly because of control of its knife diameter just about is more, when the setting more complex also. Be opposite when process designing of groovy part product, the parameter that needs to input a definition often passes much. This makes when original use Pro/ENGINEER, the software such as opposite on process designing efficiency MasterCam does not have Pro/NC it seems that advantage. To accelerate process designing rate, I analysed Pro/NC process designing roughly process. Flow chart is shown 1 times like the graph. Graph flow of 1 Pro/NC process designing is in process designing, cutting tool and cutting parameter are a setting two parameter is the most frequent also be the most time-consuming place. Sometimes a commonly used cutting tool parameter or parameter of knife diameter control often need to be inputted repeatedly. Be aimed at this, we should build library of standardization cutting tool and standard parameter library to will machine parameter again first according to oneself treatment circumstance only modular, it is OK to be called directly when treatment. 1 build corresponding standard folder to if the graph is shown 2 times,configure folder structure. Graph 2 configuration folder I am the default in the file is configured to bolt value name is each catalog to name in Pro/ENGINEER with each catalog. Pro/NC allows to be based on blank to material and condition choose cutting cutting tool and set feed and rate. If want to use this function, before wanting to define operation and treatment first must set stuff kind, provide folder in the knife a subdirectory that the name is Materials is founded below Pro_mf_tprm_dir, can build character according to the material of commonly used spare parts subsequently child folder. For example, below Material catalog, can found the catalog such as Steel, Copper, Aluminum and Brass. When defining operation or cutting cutting tool later, the system will be listed practicable material subdirectory, but from now on catalog name undertakes choosing. 2 set configure a file (1) adds the specific and absolutely seat that appoints standard folder through be in configuration file, the folder that makes be built in on one pace and Pro/ENGINEER relevant couplet. The Options that the method can configure a file to pull menu below Tools through the setting " Options " the set in the dialog box. Also can register the absolutely position of each folder directly in CONFIG, editor of usable still text is in Config.

Add directly in Pro file. For example, but option of file of will the following configuration is direct and stickup to WILDFIRE installation catalog falls, the Config in subdirectory Text.

In Pro. Pro_mf_param_dir E:pTcconfigmf_param_dirpro_mf_tprm_dir E:pTcconfigmf_tprm_dirpro_mdb_dir E:pTcconfigpro_mdb_dirpro_mf_workcell_dir E:pTcconfigpro_mf_workcell_dir (2) is setting of option of the Output_mfg_xml in ConFIG Yes (No default) . When this is opened, if want similar to a series of appearance and treatment working procedure product process designing, need to be made first only a metric system builds a model and wait for alignment of its cutting tool, machine tool, operation and NC workmanship data to be saved with XML format come down. When need, use " production setting " (Mfg Setup) → " output " (in the model that data calls the workmanship that Export) will save with XML format to differ again ordinal the size range of pipe bent that appoints the coordinate department, face that retreat a knife and NC alignment can. Generate Dao Weiwen very quick. Machine tool of setting of 3 machine tools is to regard as include a feature (Workcell) group of user definition feature (* .

Gph) file form protects folder of existence Pro_mf_workcell _dir to fall. Machine tool setting includes type of machine tool name, machine tool, main shaft mobile limits and aftertreatment implement a series of parameter such as option. We can part for machine tool of each numerical control and machining center the machine tool with respective set configures a file. In machine tool setting we can retrieve cutting tool library, address (Site) parameter and PPRINT watch, make its and machine tool photograph associated. (Library of 1) cutting tool can choose directly according to circumstance of library of machining center knife. (2) address (Site) parameter can see the pattern plate file that makes a standard machine control parameter. The default of the parameter that can appoint NC alignment with these addresses later is worth. 1) found address file: In MANUFACTURE or MACHINING menu, choice " production setting " → of Mfg Setup " parameter is installed " Param Setup → " address " Site → " found " (Create) . When definition address parameter is worth, parameter of importable maths expression, cutting tool. For example, need according to treatment importable: STEP_OVER = CUTTER_DIAM*0.

8, criterion the cutting tool diameter that STEP_OVER distance will rely on current cutting tool (if cutting tool undertook changing later, STEP_OVER also will be updated) . Use mathematical expression and the versatility that input a relation to be able to raise parameter file effectively to also be helpful for file of more agile use address. 2) activation address file: Click " production setting " the Workcell below Mfg Setup, choose machine tool name, click Defaults on the Output option card of dialog box of Machine Tool Setup next. Predefine mixes reelection choose save (* .

Sit) address file can. Address (Site) parameter file protects existence to make catalog of parameter library Mf_param_dir fall. 3) PPRINT: PPRINT is controallable the indication of information of the annotate in outputting G code program. Use a good PPRINT file to be able to make generated G code program is read easily. PPRINT file is OK * .

Ppr format saves Mf_param_dir catalog in. PPRINT is in call a machine tool to set a file (* .

Gph) when need to retrieve afresh (* .

Become effective of Ppr) file ability. Want activation PPRINT to express, click the Workcell below Mfg Setup, choose machine tool name, click on the Output option card of dialog box of Machine Tool Setup next " PPRINT " , predefine mixes reelection choose save (* .

Ppr) file can. 4 build the setting of library of setting cutting tool to parameter of treatment cutting tool to be able to choose Tooling from MFG SETUP menu beforehand, choose the machine tool name that should install cutting tool next, when perhaps be being founded or revising a machine tool, can choose from CELL SETUP menu " tool " Tooling in order to install the cutting tool of this machine tool. The system will show Tool Setup dialog box. The user can be in " cutting tool is expressed " (all and commonly used cutting tool that definition of current machine tool builds in Tool Table) , save the appearance parameter of cutting tool and cutting parameter. When saving data of cutting cutting tool, pro/NC will be all file of cutting tool parameter (.

Tpm file) put in the knife to provide folder Pro_mf_tprm_dir to fall, found a * below corresponding material subdirectory.

Tpm homonymic file, include feed and rate data among them. When add or revising cutting tool, usable text editor (like WORDPAD) be built directly according to corresponding format and compile document of cutting tool parameter. 5 establish commonly used working procedure specific parameter besides Sit parameter, we can undertake revise and saving typical parameter in the light of daily and commonly used of all kinds alignment. For example, the production parameter that waits for Volume, Face, Surface Mill, Profile, Local Mill, Holemaking and Engraving alignment with * .

In making list of parameter library Mf_param_dir, the file form of Mil is saved come down. The setting method of the production parameter of alignment and address (Site) parameter is similar. Address (Site) parameter basically is the general parameter that defines a kind of treatment, and what the production parameter of alignment is aimed at is specific treatment alignment. When building Nc Sep array. Through be in " production parameter " (in MFG PARAMS) menu, click " retrieve " (Retrieve)> " parameter file " (Param Files) , can choose to choose the parameter file of the specific series that saves before directly. Additional, the name that the file has a standard and identifies easily must notice when saving cutting tool and production parameter file. CNC Milling CNC Machining