Conic crusher issues frame mold design

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The frame below conic crusher is the main structural member of conic crusher, also be conic crusher the assembly of other part foundation. Next frame of this kind of structure that this my factory contracts to do a job never had been produced before, cannot use the craft train of thought in the past, can monarch additionally only path. Through analysing cast structure, integrated consideration rising head is placed, the respect content such as about structure and gating system, the design gives sound craft plan, production gave the cast of user satisfaction. 1.

Material of the frame below the structural characteristic of next frame is GS20Mn5 character, the biggest over all dimension is 2410mm, tall 1070mm, its structure is shown 1 times like the graph. The structure with conterminous form of this cast t-shaped is much, hot item is much, fill shrink rising head decorates difficulty, especially 4 circumjacent raised as conterminous as main body place, and connecting place of the bulgy place above the gear antrum of forehead and main body, space of these a few place is narrow, if lay common dark rising head, size will be very large, the foreword after making clears difficulty increases, at the same time these a few places also are the position with cast quality high demand, need to undertake ultrasonic flaw detection, so if do not put rising head, the quality of cast is hard to assure. 2.

Technology program (the design of 1) rising head is right cast steel for, the stand or fall that rising head designs can affect cast quality directly. The basis issues the structural characteristic of frame, plan to use circuit rising head is decorated on flange, intermediate part lays a dark rising head (1 # rising head) increase allowance, circumjacent and raised with main body intersect place put dark rising head () of 2 # rising head, gear antrum and main body intersect place increase allowance to flange, place on flange again relative to bigger rising head () of 3 # rising head, if pursue,2 are shown. Calculate through modulus law 4cm of ≥ of M of 2 # rising head, from this rising head diameter should ≥ 240mm. Because rising head size is larger, and the space is narrow, place it is more difficult to rise, modelling is no-go also, it is very difficult also to make sequel clears. Then we use rising head of figuration heat preservation, not only can raise effective modulus 1.

5 ~ 1.

7 times, it is a lot of easier also to be placed when modelling, direct embedded sand in, and rising head dimension also is reduced greatly, managing metal, raised craft to manufacture rate. Above gear antrum of bulgy part and main body intersect be in is a large hot part, need to put rising head to fill to its shrink, but if put subsidy of a rising head here. Considering these elements, we decide to increase the rising head of correspondence of upper part flange, be in at the same time rising head and raised between increase rising head allowance, can rise to fill likewise so the effect that shrink, modelling is a lot of more convenient also. (The design of 2) about structure because cast structure is complex, before similar cast uses composition of many arenaceous core pitch, but the error of accumulative total dimension that this often also causes cast is bigger. To reduce the dimension deviation of cast, must decrease model core, make the fixed position of sand mold and arenaceous core standard unite as far as possible, can avoid the accumulative total error in group core process so, raise the dimension precision of cast thereby. Next frame used fiducial model core. When closing case, issue this fiducial core first (in most below) , fall by its fixed position next other model core, from actual application the result looks, the result is favorable, reduced on size error greatly. (The design of gating system issues 3) 9800kg of gross weight of frame steel fluid, pouring time needs 100s left and right sides about. The melting point of cast steel is high, fluidity is poor, right model antrum erodes bigger, fill to make model fast and smooth, next frame cast used a bottom to note amortize pattern gating system. Classics computation, flange is cast sectional the largest position, and there are a lot of rising heads on flange, be in to prevent steel fluid this is sectional had risen slow, rising head cannot is full of, those who affect rising head fill shrink the effect, fill in what flange place increases irrigate with runner, those who raise here is pouring speed, make metallic fluid rises quickly be full of model antrum, avoided to produce raw or cold food to lie between etc cast blemish. 3.

Craft effect presses this technology program, we are after first craft test and verify, serial production 4 (still continueing to produce) now, appear rarely shrink the blemish such as loose, stoma, cast quality is good, ultrasonic explore wastefuling J is all and eligible, obtained very good economic benefits. 4.

Epilogue (1) uses heat preservation dark rising head, can narrow rising head dimension, convenient modelling, reduce sequel to clear; Decrease at the same time pouring steel fluid quantity, raise craft to manufacture rate, reduced raw material and the sources of energy use up. (2) bottom notes amortize pattern gating system, can fill smoothly quickly model, have favorable effect to improving cast quality. CNC Milling CNC Machining