Bearing complex strong tool set provides 3 process

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Summary: Introduce a kind of new-style bearing the design technology of component of principle of the structure that complex strong tool set has 3 labor situation, job, main job and parameter computation. Use this kind of pattern, bearing can be finished in situation of a labor of semifinished product fall makings, punching and curve figuration, manufacturing efficiency is tall, craft quality is good. Keyword: Compound mould inclined wedge curves punch   Abstract: In This Paper, it Describes The Structure, work Principle, design Methods Of The Key Parts And The Parameter Calculation Of A New Three-process Composite Die For The Cradle.

By Using It, the Cut, punding And Bending Can Be Finished In A Procedure With High Efficiency And Good Quality.

Keywords: Graph of preface of Oblique Plane Bending of   of   of Composite Die of Stamping     shows bearing 1 times it is some important Ban on new-style equipment golden stamping workpiece, use material is 1Cr18Ni9Ti armor plate, =1 of material ply δ .

5mm. The punch characteristic of this spare parts is: Data yields intensity is high, over all dimension is big, semifinished product becomes U entity in the turn hind, still need to lose two edges the turn upcountry, develop the alveolus of Φ 20mm. Plant to this Mm typical U form, in sheet or small lot is produced and when technical demand is not high, can use a makings to be on table-flap machine figuration, alveolus is made on drilling machine piece; Conversely, should use die take shape. According to old technology, u form takes the punch craft of aperture spare parts to machine, it is to use commonly fall makings, figuration and punching 3 moulds, this kind of technique manufactures efficiency much, economic benefits differs low, tooling. From this complex strong tool set provides the 3 process of new design, can finish bearing efficient and high gradely punch works. Graph 1 bearing (L - 120mm) 1 mould structure and working principle 1.

Bearing of 1 mould structure structure of compound punch mould sees 3 process graph 2, main job component by: Secure the composition such as punch of inclined wedge of inclined wedge, sunken model, activity, figuration and punching punch, use guide pillar guide-post bushing the standard mould bases of oriented form. 1 installing plate 2 bedspring 3 models handle 4 pull rod 5 workpiece 6 upper mould 7 secure inclined wedge 8 side panel guide-post bushing of 9 guide pillar 10 sunken models 11 lower mould 12 activities inclined wedge 13 bedspring Ⅱ 14 figuration punch 15 punching punch 16 press makings board 17 fixed position sell a picture 2 bearing.

Bearing of 2 jobs principle the working principle that complex strong tool set provides 3 process is [1, 2] , be in when the mould on when the limit needs working place, semifinished product expect (B=1200.


5) place falling on makings sunken model and figuration punch, sell fixed position through side panel and fixed position. When the mould works, upper mould follows be issued to lower levels of press slide block, above all, below the action of bedspring, control semifinished product of makings board impaction, secure what inclined wedge and sunken model finish semifinished product jointly to fall what punch of material process, punching finishs alveolus of Ψ Φ 20mm is strong control process; As be issued to lower levels of continuity of press slide block, secure inclined wedge to be applied to semifinished product solid be down U form to bend; In the meantime, secure inclined wedge to drive mobile inclined wedge to move to mould center, make semifinished product to in bend, the working procedure of final take shape of the workpiece that finish. Finally, the mould reachs next dead center and begin to move up along with slide block, secure inclined wedge and punching punch to be retreated respectively grow makings sunken model and figuration punch, bedspring reply drives mobile inclined wedge to the mould two side move. Right now, can will already the workpiece of figuration is taken out from inside the mould, punch job is finished. The design of 2 main parts 2.

Material of punch of punching of 1 punching punch is Cr12MoV steel, ~ of HRC58 of heat treatment hardness 62. Because punching diameter is bigger, this punch belongs to reason long and thin lever, should undertake when the design bear press and break nucleus of school of firm flexural strength. On the structure, do one's best raises the intensity of punch and stiffness, can be punch design axis of a flight of stairs or add outfit punch jacket. 2.

Punch of figuration of 2 figuration punch can use T10A steeliness to build, ~ of HRC56 of heat treatment hardness 60. Figuration punch form is more complex, the wall is large not all, reason needs in heat treatment current affairs careful. Can use when be operated actually beforehand Leng Cuihuo or inside the heat treatment that rope of aperture ram asbestine will come to to reduce workpiece is out of shape and craze tendency. 2.

3 sunken models fall makings sunken model can be used spell the structure that set pattern, after sunken model wears away, simply tears open next setting a blade grind, add the spacer with suitable costume again, can hold clearance of protruding, sunken model changeless. Point of sunken model point uses T10A steel, ~ of HRC56 of heat treatment hardness 60, sell with bolt and column fixed; Noumenon uses 45 steel, ~ of HRC28 of heat treatment hardness 32 for. Can reduce the use of valuable data so, raise economic benefits. 2.

Have in mould of 4 inclined wedge secure inclined wedge of inclined wedge and activity two kinds. 2.


1 fixed inclined forelock is inclined wedge is important working part, have double effect. Fall in semifinished product punch acts as when makings; Still can drive mobile sunken model to move to mould center, make workpiece finishs final take shape. Secure inclined wedge working frequency is tall, get power bigger, recommend use T10A steeliness to build, and temper by dipping in water comes forcedly HRC56 ~ 60, make its can obtain higher intensity, wearability and tenacity. 2.


Inclined wedge of activity of 2 activities inclined wedge uses 45 steel, ~ of HRC43 of heat treatment hardness 48, the requirement has good wearability and athletic stability. 3 designs are calculated 3.

  of   of L1t of τ of the 1 strong P1=K1 that reduce force (the P1 in 1) type - strong reduce force, n; K1 - coefficient, take 1.

3; τ - data shear strength, MPa; T - board thick, mm; L1 - material outline length (fall makings and punching the sum) , mm. τ =550MPa, T=1.

5mm, L=302.

8mm generation enters type (1) , attainable P1=324753N. 3.

2 curve force bearing semifinished product bends U body first hind, when losing two edges the turn upcountry then again, what needing to curve force is equal. To U form the contact bends have:   of   of   of   of   of P2=K2Bt2 σ B/(R+t) (the P2 in 2) type - curve force, n; K2 - coefficient, take 0.

9; σ B - data tensile strength, MPa; B - curve a width, mm; R - radius of punch round horn, mm; T - board thick, mm. 700MPa of σ B = , B=120mm, T=1.

5mm, R=4mm, era enters type (2) attainable P2=30927N. 3.

Journey of 3 inclined wedge secures inclined wedge journey main basis to it conjugate activity inclined wedge (slide block) the route is certain: (The Wr in 3) type - secure inclined wedge journey, mm; Ws - journey of mobile inclined wedge, mm; β - secure inclined wedge angle, (° ) ; α - angle of mobile inclined wedge, (° )   usually, β is worth fiducial value extraction bid to be 40 ° , criterion α =50 ° , attainable WT=1.

19Ws. 3.

Dimension of 4 semifinished product should bend when radius of bend is bigger (R/t>0.

5) , curve a semifinished product length desirable the length that is equal to neutral line. To the graph 1 shows workpiece to have: π of L= ∑ L1+2 (  of   of R+kt)     (the L in 4) type - bend spread out length, mm; K - coefficient, take 0.

45; ∑ L - workpiece is flat partial length, mm; R - bend inside radius, mm; T - board thick, mm. ∑ L1=316mm, R=4mm, T=1.

5mm generation enters type (4) attainable L=345mm. Afore-mentioned concerned computation results, can serve as bearing the structure of compound punch mould designs 3 process, working procedure arrangement and equipment type selecting are referenced. 4 last words are used new-style complex strong tool set provides 3 process, bearing can be finished in situation of a labor of semifinished product fall makings, punching, curve figuration, productivity raised 6 ~ 8 times, reduced tooling, quality of craft of spare parts punch also got rising significantly. The U form to the model it is important to curve figuration to have draw lessons from action. CNC Milling CNC Machining