Wear-resisting coating applies mediumly in rehabilitate of machine tool slideway

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Machine tool slideway and other chafe deputy, in long-term use course, because two interface are put in the attrition of different level, make attrition deputy surface produces different rate wear away, serious when the treatment precision that affects a machine tool and manufacturing efficiency. Wear away to machine tool and other the rehabilitate of place, use plate and high polymer material to set normally stick or change wait for a method, need to undertake a large number of accurate treatment are made not only, and constant need undertakes be blowinged artificially grinding to machining a face, repair work working procedure is much, time limit for a project is long. In recent years, in the rehabilitate to slideway of planer-type milling machine, luo Tong undertook discussing mixing to wear-resisting coating experiment, scored a success. One, the notional wear-resisting coating of wear-resisting coating is in chafe pair of medium action it is effectively protection other one side is not worn away or decrease wear away. And coating of wear-resisting of machine tool slideway is a kind of oneself has good and lubricant condition and the solid painting that fight mechanical active force accordingly, it can make up for two interface to wear away as a result of what chafe and cause already blemish, can make mask of two opposite motion has again lubricate goodly decrease grind action. In the meantime, wear-resisting coating chafes to entering pair of metal between two interface is sundry it is certain to still ought to be had bury a gender beforehand. 2, the compositive   of wear-resisting coating 1, the important part that binder binder is compositive wear-resisting coating, its action is constituent of the other in coating firm felt is together, produce good felt power with matrix, firm coating is formed what make in matrix surface. It is facilitating construction, binder should have better liquidity and cold curing property. The binder that wear-resisting coating uses, use typical structural binder commonly, wait like colophony of epoxy resin, phenolic aldehyde, polyester colophony. 2, lubricant lubricant is to raise wear-resisting coating to lubricate decrease the main constituent that grinds function, make coating is had lesser coefficient of friction and self-lubricating characteristic. With the solid at wear-resisting coating lubricant material has colloid pink of black lead of shape of 2 vulcanization molybdenum, glue and polymer of a few farinaceous high polymer. 3, intensifier intensifier uses pink of reductive iron pink, oxidation copper pink, quartz and powder of metal of a few other commonly, the mechanical intensity of coating and exterior hardness can rise on certain level, the anti-wear properties that improves coating can. 3, the reaction mechanism   of wear-resisting coating 1, in all reacts mechanism is comprising painting composition of binder, the mainest active part material is binder, other material stuff of dispute active stuff, the solidify of reason wear-resisting coating reacts mechanism basically depends on binder. In practice, the binder that we choose measures epoxy resin for double phenolic A small element. The specifications after epoxy resin solidify and adoption solidify agent variety and solidify dosage are concerned, the reaction mechanism of different solidify agent and epoxy resin is different. The most commonly used solidify agent is multivariate amine solidify agent. When epoxy resin and adipose a group of things with common features multivariate when amine solidify agent reacts, its react the type is as follows. When uncle amine and epoxy resin react, make resinous annulus oxygen base destroy generate intermediate amine; Intermediate amine continues with annulus oxygen radical reaction generates amine of father's younger brother; The aether since oxygen radical turns the hydroxyl in intermediate amine and element of amine of father's younger brother and ring reaction; Build huge reticulate structure finally, make epoxy resin not frit, the annulus oxygen that has good performance is plastic. 2, lubricant material chooses the solid in coating of lubricant principle wear-resisting normally 2 vulcanization molybdenum and black lead. 2 vulcanization molybdenum is sulfide of a kind of metal, use as commonly the grain of 2 vulcanization molybdenum of lubricant material is very fine, its diameter is about under 10 μ M, belong to the colloid material in dispersive department, also call colloid 2 vulcanization molybdenum. 2 vulcanization molybdenum has good lubricant performance, show structure of shape of hexagonal crystal layer, the rule that its element arranges is outer it is sulfur atom, molybdenum atom is among. When colloid element of 2 vulcanization molybdenum distributings to chafe at a pair when deputy interface, form molecular layer in the surface namely. Because MoS2 grain is very fine, have good adsorptive capacity with matrix, and Mo atom and S atomic union are chemical bond union, because this is very firm. But the binding energy force between the S atomic oneself between molecular layer is extremely weak, produced the good and lubricant condition that interfacial element moves extremely easily thereby. Actually, between 2 interfaces matrix surface each are adsorptive an element layer. Tell from microcosmic angle, although be a paper-thin only, also formed the interface that slides extremely easily. In applying actually, moS2 layer wants thick much, existence N molecular layer, such, have (N - 1) the interface that slides extremely easily, make 2 attrition mask has very good lubricant requirement thereby. 3, right amount intensifier is joined in coating of filling action wear-resisting (bases is iron pink and quartz pink) with rare makings, can enhance the mechanical intensity of coating and wearability, and those who improve coating is impulse withstand tenacity and inhomogenous come off function. In construction, if the dosage of filling is undeserved, of the felt ability that can cause coating and mechanical intensity reduce. 4, wear-resisting coating uses milling machine of Luo Tonglong door mediumly in rehabilitate of slideway of planer-type milling machine is " during 15 " before the equipment that Russia makes, slideway overall length 8.

5m. Transmission principle sees a picture 1. 1, measure of wear-resisting coating ply certainly wear away ply, in order to decide the treatment capacity of repair and the ply that need wear-resisting paint. The sectional appearance of slideway sees a picture 2. The ply of wear-resisting coating layer: H = H1 - H2 (Mm)   passes serious mapping, consider the condition of normal clench the teeth of worm, worm wheel, the ply of layer of affirmatory wear-resisting coating is (9.

9 ± 0.

1) Mm. When construction, to control the ply of wear-resisting coating layer accurately, made ply be (9.

7 ± 0.

05) the layering of Mm, beforehand stickup go up in lathe bed. Stick layering on face of lathe bed slideway first, will matched and equably Tu Fu is in the wear-resisting coating with even mix on slideway face, pressure go up pressing plate, keep with hand hammer pressing plate of knock of edge arrowhead respect, make redundant coating from outside side spills over. 2, lathe bed (matrix) the surface takes off oil of oily clear wash out to clean is to make sure wear-resisting coating layer and matrix are firm of agglutinate important one annulus. Man-hour is applied on old equipment, undertake with benzine first commonly thick wash, dirty to the float oil of matrix surface content undertakes be cleaninged commonly, next the clear lotion that reoccupy NaOH, Na3PO4, Na2CO3 and water make up (heat to 60 ℃ ~ 80 ℃ ) have oil of alkaline wash out, till go entirely oily, reoccupy hot water is rinsed twice wipe, brush with 4 chloridize carbon and acetone finally try 1 ~ 2 times. 3, after solidify of coating of Tu Fu interleaving agent, have a model to facilitate, daub interleaving agent should go up in the working face of pressing plate before construction. Interleaving agent is mixed by organic glass bits commonly chloroform or too chloric vinyl and acetone are made up and become. 4, make up, coating of Tu Fu wear-resisting cooperates all sorts of composition agitate in proportion even, tu Fu is in repair face place, with pressing plate squeezing ramming, after solidify (it is 24h ~ 36h commonly) have a model. 5, after the model since repair, repair accumulates the blemish share that be in, ensure coating surface is bright and clean level off, colour and lustre is consistent, quality is even, wait for blemish without large air hole. To improve the lubricant condition of wear-resisting coating, according to the lubricant principle of primary facility, shaping lubricant oil groove was designed in coating surface, decreased machine machine program. Lubricant principle: Lathe bed is in on slideway when reciprocate, wear-resisting coating layer controls ball of fuel injection steel below, lube is ejective, chamfer of circumfuse fuel injection 4, as lathe bed slip, lube fills lube slot 1, face of lubricant and whole attrition. When construction, made oil groove model, stick on the working face of pressing plate, shape directly. Take out oil groove model easily to remove modular hind, make oil groove model echelon (oil groove is sectional) , and be in of the model all around inunction interleaving agent. Luo Tong 1993, used law of wear-resisting coating rehabilitate twice to have repair to face of slideway of planer-type milling machine 2004, 10 years are used after first time rehabilitate. The slideway face that returns lathe of pair of C630 lathe, G607 sawing machine, C616 additionally had repair, average service life is 5 ~ 6 years. Carry out a proof, law of rehabilitate of use wear-resisting coating, not only craft is simple, maintenance is convenient, save time, and construction does not suffer the outside ambient condition such as temperature, humidity to restrict. And achieved the treatment precision of equipment, can wear away with what using at fast rehabilitate, have promotion value. CNC Milling CNC Machining