PLC realizes frequency control implement control of much electric machinery

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[Summary] the article introduced a kind of PLC and frequency control implement the network of much branch communication that form, explain understands this network to control timing system and general imitate quantity to command the advantage that timing system photograph compares, gave out systematic block diagram and PLC program. [Keyword] PLC frequency control implement agreement of news report of network of control of much electric machinery one, foreword with frequency control implement the synchro control system that is timing controller, scale control system and wait to apply extensively already at the industry such as metallurgy, mechanical, spin, chemical industry with fast system. With scale control system is exemple, if the graph is shown 1 times,average system is formed. Personnel of the operation when the job passes control opportunity (can be PLC or industrial PC) set scale moves parameter, next control machine gives out control frequency control through D/A changeover module implement speed instruction makes each frequency control implement the speed proportion with drive electric machinery to press certain runs. This program is not much to electric machinery amount, the applied system that electric machinery distributings to be centered quite is more appropriate. But to mass production transfer matic, on one hand electric machinery amount is more, electric machinery distributinging distance is further on the other hand. When using this to dominate program, as a result of speed command signal transmits the interference of medium attenuation and outside in Sunday run, make the working stability of whole system and dependability are reduced; At the same time a large number of D/A change module to make systematic cost raises. For this we offerred PLC and frequency control implement form much branch communication to control a network. Inferior, signal transmits this system cost distance capability of far, interference rejection is strong, suit especially remote, much electric machinery is controlled. 2, if the graph is shown 2 times,systematic hardware makes systematic hardware structure, basically form by following component; 1, FX0N, 24MR is PLC main unit, executive system reachs user software, it is systematic core. 2, FX0N, the communication adapter that 485ADP is FX0N system PLC, the main effect of this module is in the computer, serve as in PLC communication system child the information that the station accepts the computer to send PLC or N:n is formed in much PLCThe network regards as adapter when the network, the collection unit that regards a regulation as the agreement only commonly is used. Article author goes up in the foundation that analyses its structure, regard communication as its advocate the station is used, the frequency control that finish implement those who control signal send. 3, FR, CU03 is FR, the computer connection of governor of A044 series scale is unit, accord with RS, 422/RS, 485 communication standard, use at realizing the computer and many frequency control implement even the net. Frequency control can come true on the network through this unit implement moving control (if start, stop, running frequency set) , the function such as parameter set and condition monitoring, it is the network interface of transducer. 4, FR, A044 frequency conversion is investigated implement, realize electric machinery timing. In 1:n(1:3 is in the article) in network of much branch communication, every transducer is one stature station, every stature station all has a station number, establish calm unit set by parameter beforehand. In working process, PLC passes FX0N, after 485ADP sends concerned command message, each stature station all receives this information, next whether does the station number address that every stature station judges this information agree with this station station number. If agree to handle this information to return respondent information; If abhorrent the processing that abandons this information, assured to go up to have one only at the same time in the network so stature station and advocate the station exchanges information. 3, software is designed 1, communication agreement FR, if the correspondence course of CU03 regulation computer and transducer pursues show 3 times, this process divides 5 level at most. ? , the computer issues communication request; ? , transducer processing awaits; ? , transducer is made respondent; ? , computer processing awaits; ? , the computer is made respondent. According to different communication the requirement completes corresponding process, if write transducer to open,finish? ~ ? 3 processes; Monitor be finished when transducer running frequency? ~ ? 5 processes. It is to write data or reading to occupy no matter, all the computer issues a request, transducer is passivity accepts a request to be made only respondent. The data format of every phase all has a difference. Graph the 4 data formats that control command and transducer running frequency to write transducer respectively. 2, the control that PLC process designing wants to realize pair of transducer, must undertake process designing to PLC, realize the control of PLC and transducer information exchange through the program. PLC program should finish FX0N, changeover of the initialization of 485ADP communication adapter, combination that controls command word, code and transducer are respondent the job such as the processing of information. Program of PLC echelon plan (partial program) if pursue,show 5 times. The communication in the program sends buffer to be D127~D149; Accept buffer to be D150~D160. Electric machinery 1 start, stop to part by the rise of X0, drop along control; Electric machinery 2 start, stop to part by the rise of X1, drop along control; Electric machinery 3 start, stop to part by the rise of X2, drop along control. The program removes FX0N of initialization of initial pulse M8002 by the system, the communication agreement of 485ADP; Undertake starting next, the processing of break alarm. With electric machinery 1 start for exemple, the ascendant edge M50 of X0 is sucked close, the station number of 1 sends transducer D130, moving command word sends D135, ENQ, write moving jussive to control word and latency time to wait by process designing implement write D131, D132, D133 beforehand; Beg then desired result is mixed and send D136, D137; Last place M8122 allows RS instruction to send control information to arrive. Transducer is returned respondent information immediately after signal, this information FX0N, 485ADP receives postposition M8132, PLC makes program of the end after corresponding processing according to the circumstance. 4, epilogue 1, use actually make clear, this plan can realize PLC to be opposite through the network frequency control implement set of moving control, parameter and moving condition monitoring. 2, this system is most controallable frequency control implement 32, 500m of the largest space. 3, control much stage transducer, cost controls fashion under D/A apparently. 4, the addition as transducer, communication defer is increased, the system answers speed to control fashion under D/A. CNC Milling CNC Machining