Plastic mark cuts application in, how should be laser illuminant chosen ability and adjust

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On outstanding pood piece when plastic mark was being described to engrave in releasing a text, material basis material differs character, 5 kinds of change that may produce, the article introduces plastic bid in quarter application, a few knowledge of laser illuminant. The laser cent with common market is a few kinds, it is ultraviolet light laser, green smooth laser, infra-red smooth laser respectively, and infra-red light divides close infra-red light again (the YAG laser that is like wavelengh 1064nm, fiber-optic laser) the light outside He Yuangong (the CO2 laser that is like wavelengh 10640nm) . At present accepted plastic label principle has the following two kinds: "Cold working " it is the photon that shows benefit appliance has very high negative energy, can interrupt material (especially organic material) or all round the chemical bond inside medium, let blame fuel factor happens to destroy between laser and material, be out of shape to be not being arisen to heat to perhaps be heated up with around area by the surface of treatment content wait for action. This kind " cold working " special sense is had in laser mark treatment and above paragraphs ever was mentioned " enough short wavelengh can make material element solution leaves, cause color change, it is the most perfect effect " , what what say is " ultraviolet light laser " (the result that wavelengh 355nm) can achieve. "Hot-working " it is to point to the laser that will have higher energy density bundle (centralized energy flows) , the data that illuminate is being processed apparently, let material surface draw laser energy, produce heat to stimulate a process inside illuminate area next, make thereby material surface (or coating) temperature rises, generation allergy, melt, ablation, evaporate wait for a phenomenon. "Hot-working " commonly used laser is the laser that wavelengh is 1064nm, be like YAG laser, fiber-optic laser. As the development of science and technology, present infra-red smooth laser already can control parameter of a few laser neatly, through adjusting these parameter, the effect that is not defeated to be done at ultraviolet light laser can be played on certain material. Additional because fiber-optic laser is opposite at traditional laser for, having the advantage that cannot compare, if volume is minor, weight is light, stability is strong, maintenance-free, use wind cold technology, quality of beam of light is good wait. The fiber-optic laser of 1064nm wavelengh will be stressed below. The wide full name of wide arteries and veins of arteries and veins of influence   ① that parameter of 1064nm fiber-optic laser adjusts pair of plastic labels is laser pulse width, it is to show a bundle of smooth action is in the time of material surface, because this is a time,measure parameter. To plastic for, laser action is in time accident of the surface is very serious: Too short time, produce reaction without enough energy, have a few only very weak, bubbly light color mark; Too long time can appear again the phenomenon such as break of serious carbonization, ablation. Because this chooses a proper arteries and veins wide, ability makes plastic surface produces proper change, the result that gets we want. Laser arteries and veins is wide adjustable made laser of a judgement whether the very good very fundamental reference condition that handles plastic product. ② frequency frequency calls laser to repeat frequency again, mean per sec. laser to launch a how much Shu Guang. Normally the discretion of laser frequency, the speed of corresponding laser scanning speed. But, frequency also is representing every higher the interval between Shu Guangzhi is shorter, plastic the undesirable conductor that is a kind of heat, medicinal powder hot property normally not quite ideal, exorbitant frequency can produce heat to accumulate, we do not want this kind of heat is accumulated, it can make material and medium periphery appear " fire damage " , ought not to the place that mark carves also can appear bleb, melt is again cold the phenomenon such as cave in of solid, ablation. Accordingly, what the melting point according to every kinds of plastic correspondence answers when treatment is different, choose appropriate frequency, will achieve the effect and efficiency to hold concurrently. To laser, have enough laser frequency adjusting range to be able to be engraved to plastic mark bring larger possibility. M2 of quality of beam of light of quality of ③ beam of light is the parameter with important laser, it is the ratio between the actual beam of light that laser gives out and quality of academic calculative beam of light, this ratio is more adjacent 1 better, numerical value means quality of beam of light to jump over difference greatly more, the impact with its the most immediate stand or fall is the energy after laser passes focusing distributing, after quality of fine beam of light can let laser focusing, center and even, slant after focusing of poor quality of beam of light big and disperse the internal heat with sudorifics. M? Heat energy of poorer so effective practicable is met less, redundant heat energy produces us not to want with respect to what can cause plastic mark to engrave " hot influence area " , make the effect more incline to the direction at difference. Power of peak value of laser of power of ④ peak value is show a bundle of smooth instant can be achieved most high-power, exceed high peak value power, energy of laser of effective practicable is more, the more than heat of corresponding generation is less, can make material is in changeless form, vaporization happens below infusible condition or carbonization. Its mechanism and quality of beam of light are a bit similar. The place on put together is narrated, to plastic this kind of material is qualitative, the optional laser illuminant when treatment has a variety of, ultraviolet light, green light, infra-red light can be competent, and when the infra-red light laser that decides to choose to use 1064nm when us goes doing plastic mark to engrave, if this laser can have arteries and veins wide adjustment function, bigger frequency adjusting range, quality of beam of light can be enough at the same time good, peak value power is enough tall, such more easily v a satisfactory result. 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