Cheng Fei realizes machine tool of homebred and high-grade numerical control to process medium application in typical plane structural member

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"The demonstrative application of machine tool of homebred and high-grade numerical control in treatment of typical plane structural member " special task takes the lead by Cheng Fei company, combine Shenyang machine tool, peaceful river machine tool and Na Hang to wait for production unit, be aimed at the characteristic of plane structural member, it is applied object with machine tool of typical and homebred high-grade numerical control and technology of relevant general character, begin the research of adaptability key technology, realize special task gain the actual application in CNC Machining of typical plane structural member. The design installation that at present this project already completed machine tool of 6 demonstrative application and debug, among them the treatment application that 5 machine tools had begun to have structural member of partial pattern plane. This project began plane structural member the precision in process of CNC Machining of much axis linkage is forecasted, the research that error of origin drift, geometry and ripple spend control technology, protocol detailed precision evaluates program of error of appraise, geometry and test of hot error compensation beforehand, through research and development double knife places error of geometry of machine tool of numerical control of 5 axes linkage to compensate software, the outline error take as the point of departure that causes from error of geometry of 5 axes machine tool, from theoretic search error source, establish error pattern, decided machine tool of numerical control of linkage of influence much axis processes the 33 geometry error of outline precision, put forward complete general geometry error to measure plan and standard, undertook demonstrative applied on homebred machine tool. This task undertook is based on in the light of machine tool of high-grade numerical control " S " try cut machine tool to machine precision to evaluate systematic research, through subjective measure " S " test specimen precision and the machine tool precision that evaluate objectively build map model to join, achieve target of precision of trends of machine tool of numerical control of many pairs of axes quantify evaluation, to evaluate machine tool of numerical control of 5 axes linkage processability can provide new method, already obtained international to invent patent at present. CNC Milling CNC Machining