The function characteristic of material of coating hard alloy

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Cutting tool of coating of pottery and porcelain regards a of cutting tool material significant progress as direction, application is increasingly wide. While it is having the obdurability with close of hard alloy material, wearability is not of coating cutting tool come severalfold ten times, and make treatment efficiency rises significantly. At present the method of cutting tool coating still with law of deposit of chemical gas phase (CVD) and law of deposit of physical gas phase (PVD) is the mainstream, the issue with these two kinds of more outstanding methods is to be in only Fu of besmear of cutting tool surface, and the interfacial union strength between coating and matrix is low, coating flakes easily, make coating cannot be done too thickly so, once coating is ground, cutting tool can wear away quickly. This kind of circumstance makes raise life of coating cutting tool to become very difficult further. Additional, coating cutting tool basically is not had grind a gender again, this restricted the application of coating cutting tool on rough machining and large treatment facilities. Be aimed at this one problem, put forward to be in in this research the new method of cutting tool of preparation of coating of surface of hard alloy powder, because sol is medium micelle size is very small (Nm class) , have the very large area that compare a list and intense adsorptive tendency, form the coating of pottery and porcelain with as compact, firm as matrix union structure likely. The macroscopical coating that this kind of method becomes traditional is microcosmic coating, broke through the confine of original cutting tool coating, it is the beneficial attempt of new to exploring cutting tool of the coating that make method. Of collosol of 1) of process of the experiment that make make choose different third mellow aluminium [Al(C3H7O)3] (total factory of Beijing chemical reagents, the analysis is simple) for van content, in order to go ionic water (abstain) as solvent, with nitric acid [HNO3] (Shandong saves chemical academy) as peptizing agent, mix afore-mentioned raw material by certain proportion even, shui Yuheng is lukewarm 85 ℃ , and inflict is puissant agitate, the collosol of suddenly Mu stone that even stability gains namely after 48h. The processing of 2) matrix powder and coating base material can be YT, YG, YW kind hard alloy is pulverous, after matrix powder ball is ground, undertake in acetone ultrasonic is cleaned, immerse in rare acid next processing; Repass goes ionic water is cleaned, in the mixture solution that adds alcohol and water, and inflict is puissant agitate and ultrasonic oscillation, make its dispersive and even. Here when, join collosol of suddenly Mu stone, the course is smoked filter, dry, get having the powder of coating of pottery and porcelain, written guarantee via pre-burning next, make coating sufficient pottery and porcelain of translate into Al2O3. This carries out the process of coating of pottery and porcelain to matrix powder namely. Razor blade of 3) agglomeration suppress is in coating powder metal of rejoin minim felt, hot pressing agglomeration, firing temperature limits 1850 ℃ of 1450 ~ , heat preservation 10 ~ 30 Min, pressure 15 ~ 40MPa. Machine tool of experiment of cutting of condition of experiment of 4) cutting contrast connects the lathe of infinitely variable speeds that lathe changes his costume or dress for C620-1 general. Workpiece material is T10A tool steel (61) of hardness HRC55 ~ . Choose 4 kinds of cutting tool to undertake contrast: One kind is FTC1 of despotic of pulverous coating material, FTC2; One kind is LT55 of cutting tool of pottery and porcelain; One kind is YT15 of hard alloy cutting tool, still one is plant is YB01 alumina - carbonization titanium is compound razor blade of coating hard alloy (it is self-restrained product before 2 kinds, hind 2 kinds are individual plant city) of product of hard alloy factory. The geometrical parameter of cutting tool is respectively: Kr=75 ° , Go=-5 ° , Ls=-5 ° , Bo=90 ° , Er=90 ° . Dry type cutting all is used when cutting experiment. A large number of tests that we have experimental result and the mechanical property that analyse data of 1) FTC1, FTC2 make clear, use base material to be YT, YG, YW kind wait for powder of hard alloy coating to be after agglomeration, the mechanical performance of income data is poorer, its interior bestrews micro-crack, hard sample of wear bending strength. Later, we match to go up with the foundation of chemical consistence in the physics of mature material, to matrix powder medium carbide scale undertakes adjustment, make FTC1 of gotten new-style coating material, FTC2, showed good mechanical performance, hardness is apparent excel hard alloy, with close of material of pottery and porcelain; And bending strength is higher than material of common pottery and porcelain. Measure gotten mechanical sex visibility to express 1. The MPa of bending strength of HVkg/mm2 of hardness of name of mechanical performance data that expresses a few kinds of 1 material ruptures tenacity KICMPa.

M1/2YT14 base YW1 radical YG6 base FTC1FTC2 makes an appointment with 14501750 ~ 23001800 ~ of 1850 about 15501650 ~ 2030... ... 600 ~ 1000860 ~ 1100 about 7.


7 ~ 7.

2 about 5.


3 ~ 5.


8 ~ 5.

4 its are mechanical the test method of function: With curved a law to measure bending strength at 3 o'clock; Measure with impress law rupture tenacity; With Rockwell hardness plan measure hardness. 2) cutting effect is analysed to examine the cutting effect of material of new-style cutting tool, mix with cutting tool of cutting tool of common hard alloy, pottery and porcelain respectively cutting tool of coating of pottery and porcelain of CVD law Al2O3 has comparative cutting test. Graph 1 it is cutting tool FTC1, L55, YT15 in V=75 M/min, f=0.

1mm/f, ap=0.

When steel of tool of hard T10A of temper by dipping in water of the cutting below 15mm cutting condition hind the wear curve of knife face. By the graph 3 1 wear curve that go up can be seen, because workpiece data is harder, when cutting length is 530m, face of the knife after cutting tool of YT15 hard alloy wears away to already was achieved 0.

58 Mm; And after cutting tool of L55 pottery and porcelain and length of cutting of FTC1 of new-style cutting tool achieve 2650m, knife face wears away after about only 0.

3mm, and wear out condition is similar, but of FTC1 wear away even a few slighter than L55. Graph face of the knife after cutting tool of steel of hard T10A of 1 cutting temper by dipping in water wear curve pursues 2 it is cutting tool YB01, FTC1, FTC2 in V=71.

5m/min, f=0.

1mm/f, ap=0.

When steel of tool of hard T10A of temper by dipping in water of the cutting below 15mm cutting condition hind the wear curve of knife face. By the graph 3 2 wear curve that go up can be seen, because workpiece data is harder, when cutting initial stage, FTC1, FTC2 because coating is thinner, knife face wear extent should compare YB01 after big. But, cutting tool FTC1, FTC2 enters pulverous coating material to wear away normally after level wear away the even stability that keeps opposite, and of cutting tool of coating of BY01 pottery and porcelain wear away normally distance is opposite shorter, enter after cutting length achieves 520m wear away quickly level. Because coating of pottery and porcelain already was ground basically right now,this is, its cutting effect also is reduced greatly. Additional, YB01 is in cutting process, knife face has conch shape to flake before, because cutting power is greater,this may be when squeeze coating crack cause, affected the sufficient play of coating efficiency. FTC1 of cutting tool of new-style coating material, FTC2 won't produce damaged commonly when cutting speed is inferior. Graph wear curve is in face of the knife after cutting tool of steel of hard T10A of 2 cutting temper by dipping in water in comparative experiment, when YB01 cutting tool hind knife face wears away achieve 0.

When 3mm, right now cutting tool coating can produce effect effectively no longer in cutting, point of a knife, edge becomes blunt, the oscillatory aggravate in cutting, already machined the surface very coarse, cutting tool already cannot undertake cutting almost. According to the experiment computative, the YB01 of cutting tool of coating of pottery and porcelain that FTC1 of cutting tool of new-style coating material, FTC2 should obtain than using CVD method raises one times at least in the service life when hard steel of cutting temper by dipping in water. Epilogue uses sol - gel method, in carbide powder surface Tu Fubao is thin an Al2O3, become its agglomeration cutting tool material again, have grain petty and even and have very tall hardness and higher strength. FTC1 of cutting tool of material of this kind of new-style coating, FTC2 is when hard steel of cutting temper by dipping in water, cutting function and close of cutting tool of pottery and porcelain, apparent excel hard alloy and Al2O3 coating cutting tool, showed good integrated cutting performance, it is stuff of a kind of new-style cutting tool that has latent capacity of very great progress. CNC Milling CNC Machining