The command of PMAC and variable collect

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The order that uses PMAC and variable write athletic program and PLC program, control servo works, can develop all sorts of application software then, implementation needs achieved function. 1.

Online command (carry out instantly, do not store) 1) overall situation commands &1 appoints coordinate to fasten the 1 systematic #1 to find site currently to appoint electric machinery the restoration of 1 overall situation of electric machinery $$$ to find site currently, the OPENPROG1 in including all electric machinery and coordinate to fasten SAVE to save I variable to EEROM opens athletic process the bumper CLEAR of 1 is cleared the definition of department of content 2) coordinate that opens bumper commands #1 → X defines electric machinery 1 for X axis, coefficient of proportionality is 1. The feed in current coordinate department carries the athletic program that R runs to find site currently, allow a hand to use control axial campaign. A ends current program and axial campaign instantly % reports are current %100 of feed times value appoints feed times value to be 100%3) electric machinery commands HM electric machinery is carried out return hand of #1J+ of reference point motion to use electric machinery 1 stop a hand to use campaign to athletic J/ to square, change open loop control is closed circuit. The speed that P reports the positional V report that appoints electric machinery appoints electric machinery 2.

Athletic program commands this is command of a group of amortize, deposit in bumper, with R the command is carried out, its action is to appoint athletic position, athletic way and attribute, program logic is controlled, variable assigns. For example: X100Y (P1) Z (P2*P3) the CIRCLE0 of means of linear interpolation of athletic position LINEAR that appoints X, Y, Z arranges all axes of ABS of means of interpolation of arc of hour hand garden to move with absolute value means INC (X) X axis appoints athletic time with TM100 of motion of increment size means for 100msGOTO (grade.

PLC program dictates this also is command of a group of amortize, repeat carry out, include operation, logistic control, information to convey among them wait for a command. For example: IFELSEENDIFWHILEENDWHILECOMMAND " #4HM " appoint " electric machinery 4 return reference point " command 4.

I, p, q and variable of M variable I are used at the function that set PMAC blocks, control of servo electric machinery and coder parameter; Variable of P, Q serves as general variable, in the assignment in operation and deferent information, q variable is OK still other special purpose is made in coordinate department; M variable can define memory and I/O interface directly, write through M is read variably, undertake operating to the real position of I/O interface and each axis, academic position. CNC Milling CNC Machining