Cutting tool of numerical control machine tool and workpiece measure the application of the head

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On numerical control machine tool use workpiece reachs pair of knives to measure a head to undertake be metricaled automatically, can go to the lavatory the installation of workpiece is adjusted, brief chemical industry installs clamping apparatus, reduce cost, shorten greatly the machine tool assists time, improve manufacturing efficiency, at the same time function of machine tool of ameliorable numerical control, the precision that lengthens a machine tool holds time, make since of numerical control machine tool machines equipment, have again certain measure a function. ; The machine tool measures a head to be able to be installed machine tool of most numerical control waits to go up in grinder of numerical control lathe, machining center, numerical control. ; Leinishao's machine tool measures a head to be classified by the function, can divide detect for workpiece measure head and cutting tool to measure a head; Transmit means classification by signal, can divide for type of hard line join, induction type, optical type and radio type 4 kinds of means. The user can choose proper configuration according to the specific type of the machine tool. ; In CNC Machining process, the measurement that the time that has 1/3 is placed to search to reaching cutting tool size by the outfit of workpiece is occupied. In the process of workpiece outfit clip in the tradition, handlers uses dial gauge and core club to find out standard position, input concerned data in numerical control system by hand next, the coordinate with set workpiece is. Use workpiece to survey head system, can go up in the machine tool fast, accurate the place that measures workpiece, fasten the workpiece coordinate that measures a result to feedback to amend a machine tool in numerical control system directly. If the machine tool has numerical control revolving stage, still but by measure a head to search automatically workpiece datum plane, finish the adjustment of such as tool reference plane automatically, the job such as the set that workpiece coordinate fastens. In process of batch interpolation treatment, still can use the dimension precision that measures a head to measure workpiece automatically, the basis measures result self-correcting cutting tool slant buy quantity, compensate cutting tool wear away, in order to assure the consistency of the dimension precision of workpiece and precision, the measurement technique inside this kind of machine, still can avoid to move work to measure 2 outfit that place measures to bring on machine to place an error. The treatment precision that raised a machine tool and precision maintain a gender, can prolong cutting tool service life. The cutting tool of numerical control lathe measures the most commonly used way is to try cut a way; The cutting tool of boring milling machine measures machining center, numerical control to use two kinds of methods commonly: It is to use measure to Dao Yi outside machine, 2 it is on the machine tool the handiwork such as the feet that use stuff is measured. All sorts of methods need above to intervene artificially, measure efficiency low, and bring factitious error possibly still. Use cutting tool to measure a head, can measure the measure that gives cutting tool well and truly, automatic feedback returns numerical control the knife becomes to slant in the system quantity. As a result of whole process by measure software control to undertake automatically, because this avoided factitious error. In addition, the process is machined automatically in batch in, the damaged that the dimension difference that also can gauge twice according to adjacent of cutting tool photograph will come to judge cutting tool and break off, change by programme controll the treatment that identical cutting tool has issueing. In the country that industry developeds, the machine tool measures a head to basically become the basic spare parts with numerical control indispensable machine tool with cutting tool, wider and wider application receives in mechanical production domain. ; Operate with the order that measures a head to undertake be metricaled automatically very simple, it is the simple introduction that measures a process below: %T01; M06; G43H1Z100.

0; 1.

G65; P9014; X-10.



F1000; 2.

G65; P9012; X0; Y0; S1; 3.

G65; P9014; Z10.

0; 4.

G65; P9014; X286.


; 5.

G65; P9014; Z-5.

; 6.

G65; P9019; D200.

T10; M20; H0.

05; 7.

G65; P9014; Z20.

; 8.

G65; P9014; Y420.

0; 9.

G65; P9018; Z5.

S1; G91; G28; Z0.

; M30; 4 subprograms were used in the program, o9014 protects mobile subprogram to collide; O9012 is outside corner measures a subprogram, measure end hind to establish corner position automatically the X that fastens G54 for workpiece coordinate, of Y axis at 0 o'clock; O9019 is inside Kong Ce measures a subprogram, self-correcting according to measuring an outcome the 10th knife slants quantity, measures on size error stores slant in the 20th knife in; O9018 is Z to measure a subprogram, the Z that fastens coordinate of automatic set workpiece G54 according to measuring an outcome to at 0 o'clock; ; Use machine tool measures an user that obtains favorable beneficial result to have a lot of, below brief introduction the applied example of a few abroad. ; German Senking - Werke company; This company basically produces large industry rinsing equipment, product measure is larger, it is previously have work measure by hand with tailor-made big callipers detect, need two handlers to climb to undertake to machine tool workbench, both neither is accurate, also very take time, this company installed the MP14 of a Leinishao to survey head system on the machine tool now, of all and main measure detect but by measure a head to undertake automatically on the machine tool, every metrical time reduces 4min by 25min, the precision of workpiece also got rising substantially. British Abbey; Tool; & ; ; Gauge company; This company basically produces the part of hydraulic pressure motor and servo a powerful person. The Graham of this company; Mr Reid says: "My company's most typical spare parts is component of motor of a hydraulic pressure, the turning that the treatment process of this spare parts is preexistence Daewoo or Puma company undertakes machining on the center, undertake to the machining center of Maho the nicety of 23 aperture is machined again next. The outfit clip of every spare parts, treatment requires a few hours about before, since what installed Leinishao on machining center after measuring a head, this process needs 10min only. " ; "After every workpiece is machined previously, should be in 3 measure undertake detecting on machine, and we are every 15 sampling observation only now, we had produced many 100 thousand in 3 years this kind of product, never discover waste product, 3 measure machine is basic also and unused came down. Leinishao measures a head to give us the dimension precision that sufficient confidence will come to to assure a product. We already decided to want to be added on the machine tool of another CINCINNATI outfit measure a head, the requirement is new at the same time Leinishao must be deployed to measure a head on the MIKRON machine tool that order. " ; Dutch Van; Den; Brink company; This company is a few years ago by British Audit; Machining; System company transforms bed of be open to traffic of a general CNC lathe for its, they ask the treatment precision of the machine tool achieves ± 6µ ; M. Before the method that they use is, first of rough set cutting tool slant buy quantity, try next cut work, after measuring the measure that gives work, of again accurate correction cutting tool slant buy quantity, use this kind of method to must spend many auxiliary time, and will take factitious error. The movable cutting tool that they installed a Leinishao on the machine tool now measures an arm (HPA) , install its to base by hand before undertaking cutting tool is measured, its repeat precision to be able to amount to 3µ ; M. Undertake metrical to all cutting tool by programme controll next. After using this kind of method, the manufacturing cycle of workpiece is shortened by 3 days for 8 hours, and its precision also gets comparativing rising. British Express; Engineering company; This company is made for a lot of enterprises tall compositive spent part. The quality demand of the spare parts is very high. The outfit clip that the manufacturing characteristic of this kind of small lot decided to aborning wants to cost very much time to have work searchs. Manufacturing department head introduces: "Solved a lot of problems through adding outfit MP3 to measure a head, although the experience that measures a head was not used before us, but must admit now, if did not measure a head, we are met ground of do one's best goes be being striven for it. " they often should machine a big cast, the change of dimension can amount to 3mm, MP3 measures a head to be able to measure the place of the work that gives every installation to go up in workbench quickly, the coordinate of certain work at 0 o'clock. The set time of workpiece needs 1 ~ previously 1.

5 hours, need 15 ~ 20min only now, and do not need costly clamping apparatus, acting with general simple clamping apparatus OK. As the development of production technology, leinishao deploys on the machine tool that a lot of users of home ask its are imported measure a head, deserve to install on the bed of homebred numerical control that increasing requirement buys in its measure a head. Manufacturer of home's main numerical control machine tool if factory of factory of the first machine tool, great river machine tool, Qinghai matchs Beijing on the courtyard of Electromechanical of factory of the first machine tool, Beijing machine tool that already manufactured in its install Leinishao to measure a head to sell an user. Believe the machine tool measures a regular meeting to get more and more extensive gain ground with application. CNC Milling CNC Machining