Numerical control technology is in combined-type casing kind the treatment application of the spare parts

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Irregular to small lot production, appearance casing kind the spare parts, because treatment process is relatively complex, when using general accuracy machine tool to undertake machining, make sure its machine precision and requirement hard. And if use appropriative tool to undertake machining, not only economy is unwarrantable, still existing to produce periodic and longer, precision to assure to wait for a problem hard at the same time. At this moment, adopt flexible the agrees with this kind of small lot casing with the numerical control machine tool with tall, tall precision and quite perfect skill of corresponding CNC Machining work kind the treatment of the spare parts, in assure to machine precision and treatment socioeconomic foundation to go up, ensure treatment efficiency. Casing of characteristic of spare parts of 1 combined-type casing kind the fundamental sex spare parts that the spare parts is machine and component, it carries the axis in machine and component, axle sleeve, bearing lid and gear to wait to assemble an organic whole according to particular concern, according to booked drive the relation coordinates motion. Because the treatment quality of this casing is affecting the function of the machine, precision and life directly. Although the configuration of casing is varied, but they also have a few common main characteristics, be like: 1) shape structure is complex, have appearance regulation and onefold casing rarely, the hole that still includes all sorts of types, the place that needs treatment is more; 2) wall is thin inhomogenous, interior is shown model antrum, this makes we want when installing clip and treatment mature to the spare parts be out of shape, want to do good precautionary measures, ensure the integral stiffness of casing is able to assure; The place that 3) machines is more, be like casing underside, the joint face of combined-type casing, install the bearing aperture of bearing, oily aperture, hoisting aperture, the Gai An that inspect hole installs positional aperture to wait, this brought particular challenge to the promotion that machines precision and machinability; 4) treatment difficulty is greater, already precision asks taller plane and aperture are fastened, have the opening of close solid bolt with a lot of precision inferior requirements again, in the process of treatment need makes sure all sorts of fixed position precision, treatment precision comes true entirely. The complex casing that course of craft of 2 total treatment is aimed at small lot kind the main characteristic of the spare parts, when undertaking machining, basically include an item two such phase: The first phase is built to box first and base undertakes machining respectively, assemble for follow-up casing etc had done the treatment that coordinates a side to intend the work; The 2nd phase is joining aperture of the treatment on the casing that has installed and end panel. The basis needs and benchwork working procedure should be arranged between two phase, such aux will be able to make sure whole case top and base can close goodly quite install a complete casing, pass two sell fixed position, make its can assure to form corresponding position to concern, the repetition that tears open outfit hind in order to make sure the treatment precision of bearing aperture is mixed precision. This is complex casing kind the integral thought of craft of spare parts treatment, and in machining a process actually, can have body need according to treatment, circumstance of such as equipment, treatment is convenient the gender will have integrated consideration, to machining the treatment in the process craft makes proper adjustment. The CNC Machining process of body of box of decelerate of 3 columnar gear is analysed 3.

Blueprint of 1 spare parts analyses this casing to be combined-type, material pledges HT300 hardness HB230 is controlled, usable and average capable person pledges cutting tool is machined. Its dimension, appearance and positional precision demand are higher after arrangement is closing case, can undertake. 3.

2 treatment facilities chooses the appearance according to casing and treatment place dimension, use the horizontal machining center of 3 axes linkage, workbench can be automatic circumgyrate, knife library capacity is 60 knives, according to the over all dimension of casing spare parts, choose workbench area to be workbench of 630ram × 630mm × is 910mm to the journey, 2 it is 635mm to the journey, main shaft hangs down to be 710mm to the journey. 3.

4 treatment craft is made 3.


On lid of separation box of lid of 1 treatment top part 3 place are fixed position fiducial outfit clip, all fill up mat iron everywhere (the position that fill up iron cannot hamper cutting tool machines) of pair of position of etc combining an aspect, thick look for the end panel on flange, look for level and upend two direction, make its combine place flange ply to keep even, upper part uses pressing plate impaction. As a result of casing kind of the spare parts can machine aperture more, the wall that causes whole umbrella part is large intensity of lesser, whole is inferior, because this is in the process that machines outfit clip,should be opposite outfit clip tightens force to undertake be controllinged strictly beforehand, such ability ensure spare parts clamp while can make sure the spare parts is not out of shape. In the meantime, to assure whole treatment of working procedure successional, other position cannot be machined to cutting tool in the process of treatment and produce an interference effect, because this is when outfit clip,should assure to install clip to complete all treatment through as far as possible. The technology move that machines top part lid is as follows: Top of 1) mill box and base combine an aspect, assure flange ply dimension, surface roughness is less than Ra1.

6, flatness is less than 0. 03; 2) is gotten add up to the bolt aperture of place. Workbench circumgyrate 180 degrees, machine the bolt bottom outlet of other position. In the process of treatment, want to assure to combine the smoothness or evenness on rubber roll surface of the face above all, can assure box top and base effectively so cooperate precision. And in the process that machining bolt aperture, should assure to machine the fixed position precision of bolt aperture, ensure follow-up assembly the combination with the bolt in the process and bolt OK and corresponding aperture rises. 3.


The base below 2 treatment to assure the assembly of casing follow-up, in the process of the base below treatment, a vital control technology should assure the fixed position precision of casing namely. Accordingly, casing base should choose to go up to regard fixed position as fiducial outfit clip everywhere when holding clip, fill up overlay iron beneath at the same time. And the height that fills up iron should be controlled appropriate, pressing plate position also wants appropriate. Before pressing plate impaction first thick seek range of flange lower end, look for level and upend two direction, make its combine place flange ply to keep even. 1) mill is right combine an aspect, assure flange ply dimension, surface roughness is less than Ra1.

6, flatness is less than 0. 03; 2) is gotten add up to the bolt aperture of place; Workbench circumgyrate 1800; 3) mill underside, make sure next base height reach its and the parallelism alignment error to combining an aspect to want to be less than 0.

311000; 4) drills hole of bolt of the underside below base. 3.


3 add up to box to assemble benchwork to close box top and base outfit, deserve to drill two pin hole, assemble pin and screw bolt; 3.


4 treatment add up to casing to will add up to the casing after outfit to be put on workbench face, it is fixed position with the underside below base fiducial, the tall mat iron such as underside mat, hit a watch to search to issueing underside, make its jumpy do not exceed 0.

03, workpiece of pressing plate impaction. Boring aperture of bearing of 2 place bearing, the bearing aperture end panel of milling correspondence and the whorl bottom outlet that get end panel to go up, assure bearing aperture center surface roughness of tall, surface reachs his two aperture span; Kong Yuanzhu is spent reach parallelism alignment error to all cannot exceed 0.

015. Workbench circumgyrate 180 degrees. Same way machines the two bearing aperture of another end, assure aperture surface surface roughness and respective dimension and form tolerancepublic errand. Among them the form of 4 bearing aperture tolerancepublic errand is to rely on the function of itself of numerical control machine tool to assure. 4 conclusion the article is with body of box of decelerate of gear of one class cylinder exemple, the combined-type casing part that produces to small lot made analysis of CNC Machining craft, use numerical control machine tool to machine, install clip fixed position to go to the lavatory on one hand, can machine this kinds of spare parts quickly, can assure its dimension and positional precision, on the other hand, need not make special tool fixture, saved its to process charge greatly. Anyhow uses numerical control machine tool to use sound treatment technology to machine spare parts of casing of this kind of combined-type, it can assure the function of the product and service life not only, still can reduce time of its finished cost, managing production at the same time, shorten production is periodic. CNC Milling CNC Machining