Gear dentiform machines method and choice

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The range that gear uses in industrial production is very wide, it is to deliver motion and dynamic one of important parts. And the character of service of the product, carrying capacity, service life and working precision, have very big concern with the quality of gear itself. It is so in the process of surface of the gear that make, treatment method and choice appear very important. As the ceaseless development of production and science and technology, the working precision of the requirement machinery product with higher and higher people, often also jump over more to passing the requirement of power, rotate speed at the same time tall. To dimension dentiform so treatment asks to have add without decrease. Because gear is using the characteristic that go up, besides general dimension precision, form outside the requirement of precision and exterior quality, still have a few special demands. Machine a requirement: (1) the accuracy that passes motion: To raise the working precision of equipment, gear serves as important part, the accuracy that its pass motion is very important. This is turning with respect to the requirement inside the limits that is an unit, the error of the biggest corner of gear needs all restriction, cannot exceed the accuracy that moves with assuring to deliver. (2) the smooth sex of transmission: Want to reduce the loss when equipment is machined, be about to increase the smooth stability of positive drive, the change that the drive when instant of drive of this requirement measure compares wants small, lest cause impact, produce vibration and noise, can appear even the circumstance that whole gear destroys. (3) the uniformity that load distributings: Such doing is the life that avoids to affect gear as a result of tooth flank local damage. The requirement is in the tooth flank when clench the teeth, the contact of gear wants good, prevent the situation that occurrence stress centers. (4) transmission backlash: Provide a space for lube of keep in storage, the requirement is when clench the teeth, need is put in certain clearance between gear and blame job tooth flank. Compensation changes because of temperature and the stretch watch dimension change that cause and treatment are mixed the influence of mounting error. Otherwise, positive drive is died possibly in the job by card or burn. Tooth form machines the core that is gear cutting and key, at present production gear basically is to use cutting to machine, also can use cast or grind pressure wait for a method. Surface roughness of low, surface is worth the precision that casts dimension big; Grind yield of the verticillate that control a tooth-like part of anything tall, and mechanical performance is good, but precision is inferior, still be be used extensively. The method that machines with cutting processes gear tooth form, if differ by what machine a principle, can divide mix for figuration law extend a law two kinds. Figuration law is to point to with with the gear that be cut the figuration cutting tool of appearance conform to, it is one kind can get dentiform machines a method directly, for example roll flute of mill tine, figuration. Extending a law is to point to use gear cutting tool and be cut the clench the teeth of gear moves, cut a dentiform to machine a method, if insert,tine, gear hobbing is mixed exhibit law roll flute to wait. Couplet Nuo chemical industry ages with shave craft is research target, research and development is high-powered the green of process of treatment of implementation of fluid of water radical cutting is changed, reduce the pollution to the environment. Fluid of cutting of environmental protection of SCC730A ability in swimming is chosen tailor-made extremely high-powered press the additive, other additive such as antirust answer match and become, it is high-powered multipurpose cutting / grinding fluid. When mixing with water, can fashion stable transparent solution. Have good extremely pressure lubricity, rust-preventing characteristic, cooling sex and clean a gender. Have extremely strong fight microbial decompose ability, below different water hardness condition, still can maintain its stability. Service life is the 5 times above of common emulsification oil. ● of   of advantage of fluid of SCC730A water-solubility cutting replaces traditional emulsification oil, agree with the treatment with all simple material, ● uses antirust of sex of water-solubility, oily dissolve, safeguard equipment and workpiece are antirust; The biochemical stability with excellent ● , fight corrupt ability strong; Tendency of ● low bubble, clean function diaphaneity of good   ● is tall, the surface that is helpful for censorial workpiece machines condition CNC Milling CNC Machining