Workshop CMM detects in dynamical assembly medium application

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Modern dynamical assembly job shops makes the treatment that provides high speed, high accuracy equipment, the control platform of network and digitlization raised newer, taller technology requirement to surveying a system. The article carries business of descriptive motivation assembly to detecting type selecting of program, equipment goes to those who survey a system to check and accept, debug to equipment of dynamical assembly product line again, equipment checks and accept the move of a few big jobs that produces to batch, reached workshop coordinate is measured machine (CMM) the necessity that the system delimits as product line compasses important quality controls compositive unit in layout and advantage. In assembly of whole motive force treatment produces segment, the metre that the spare parts machines will arrive accurately " second " , the manufacturing process requirement of so fast rhythm is fast, accurate offer detect report. Those who measure a report is fast appear, can control the quality of the product and the rejection of lot that forestall production product effectively. In the meantime, run a system through modern database, make workshop CMM makes the one part that produces a course, after workshop CMM is finishing workpiece to measure, the label that will change through the graph in software window and digitlization report appear to be detected quickly the spare parts is eligible, will upload data to the database management center of the user through the network at the same time, if be in at present,global motivation always uses comprehensive Q-DAS database system into the respect. The article comes from the introduction Haikesikang's metric Global Silver SF to measure a system to provide process and effective in production project application mediumly in product line of advanced motivation assembly. Dynamical assembly detects the amount that personnel of program of program level project will determine online CMM, measure frequency of efficiency and treatment, sampling observation in order to ensure second cooperate effectively, main consideration measures the dynamic performance of equipment, the scanning speed that is like spatial motion speed and spatial motion acceleration, probe and acceleration. The production precision according to workpiece and the precision that machine an environment to measure equipment certainly reach equipment kind, main consideration gauges the ISO-10360 index such as equipment MPEE, MPEP, MPETHP/t and the carrying capacity of exploration system (the weight of pensile lengthen lever and bougie and length) . In the meantime, provide relevant support system according to the demand of user spot, be like: Use at voltage, baric PUP system is being stabilized below workshop environment, use at the user to undertake fast, safety changes the fluctuation makings system of workpiece, the clamping apparatus system that is used at ensuring workpiece measures condition and stability and use at getting used to workshop environment dustproof etc. Type of Global Silver SF has the dimensional acceleration of the dimensional shift speed of 866mm/s and 2600mm/s2, as perfect as treatment efficiency match. Probe of deploys Leitz LSP-X5 series, support is the largest load 500 grams, 500mm of length of the biggest lengthen, will ensure dynamical assembly component is in high accuracy condition the next time scanning of the sexual contact that finish is measured. Workshop those who survey a system checking and accept is not the environment that random measures a system to be able to get used to manufacturing workshop. According to workshop program and cost consideration, manufacturing workshop is commonly to temperature control between 30 ℃ of 15 ℃ ~ . After measuring a system to be installed in manufacturing workshop, the requirement that plans according to control the editor is fulfilled measure an order, the demand control that plans according to early days detects metre. Below workshop environment precision of the machine that finish is reached measure program verification, among them the most important test and verify is to press MSA to ask to finish the GR&R that measures equipment. GR&R index by repeatability and repeatability two index are comprised, 10% what the error value that is these two index can understand to take dimension total noncombatant duty on broad sense, can regard as measure a system to pass test and verify. Of GR&R test and verify through, decided those who measure a system to be able to be used at product line to check and accept the mass that reachs production to produce segment to control. Because GR&R checks use treatment workpiece to cover measure of whole spare parts, whole test process can exceed 48 hours commonly. Below wide temperature environment, the design of wide temperate zone that surveys a system and temperature compensate a function, in whole test the meeting in link has crucial effect. Type of Global Silver SF deploys structural sex temperature to compensate a system, it is to be aimed at time / dimensional temperature wave motion undertakes metrical result compensatory new technology. Be based on 15 temperature sensor (measure on machine 14, on workpiece 1) forms network, can identify the change that measures machine and temperature of the workpiece that be measured to undertake compensating to measuring an outcome. This kind of technology considered the natural linear of material to expand not only, also pass measure the mathematical model of machine, considered the change of complex structure. Because this is measured machine can be in 15 ℃ ~ undertake metrical inside the wide temperature limits of 35 ℃ . Those who be used at product line check and accept level to be in this process, workshop CMM will be offerred measure data, use at production to make equipment supplier adjust treatment facilities. In this phase, measure a system to need successive below workshop environment work 60 days or so about, the error that surveys a system will be direct capability index of shadow Cm, Cmk. Among them the change of environmental temperature is the biggest to the influence of whole test process. In the meantime, the user interface that measures software to will offer equipment to check and accept support and generation accord with the datagram of Q-DAS standard to accuse. Through the workshop model measure machine first when offer, 5, 50 data, the engineer can pass quality to undertake according to the requirement in Q-DAS software ability is analysed, whether can pass in order to judge manufacturing production facilities check and accept. Normally Cm of use capability index, Cmk expresses. (PQC dimension ability asks to be in commonly 2.

0 above, STD dimension ability asks to be in commonly 1.

33 above) . Workshop CMM is used at PPAP phase to should produce equipment to finish after checking and accept, the user processes use treatment machine tool at least 250 work continuously, pass every 2 next or 5 means, have sampling observation with workshop CMM, general need gets the Q-DAS data of at least 125 workpiece. Quality engineer undertakes according to the requirement through be in Q-DAS software ability is analysed. Normally Pp of use capability index, Ppk expresses. (PQC dimension ability asks to be in commonly 1.

67 above, STD dimension ability asks to be in commonly 1.

33 above) , whether can judgement enter SOP phase. The data that evaluates a report shows, in this phase, measure a system to will run about 120 hours continuously, the temperature change of metrical efficiency and workshop will affect the process of PPAP phase. In the meantime, measure equipment error to also will affect the result of Pp, Ppk directly. Those who change character, the error that surveys a system is smaller than jumping over, jump over can the process capability of line of treatment of bona fide report. Workshop CMM is used after SOP finishs PPAP, firm already product line is in statistic controlled condition. Right now, workshop CMM system will be used at producing the segment of workpiece sampling observation of the process. This measures a process is long-term and constant detect process. Whole detect periodic meeting spans 4 season, also mean measure a system to will experience 15 ℃ ~ the gradual change process of 30 ℃ , this raised taller requirement to measuring systematic stability. Field work personnel will be mixed according to quality engineer the requirement of spot ME, make work to production first, in, end, nonsked selective examination and change a knife, change model undertake detecting. Interface of operation of workshop CMM software will offer everything to be able to be used at finding out the window of auxiliary information delivery of quality, be like: Provide gun of 2D Matrix scanning for the user, the user can use gush of scanning gun scanning to be piled up in the 2D on the spare parts, software will finish number of the choice that measures an order, product line automatically to wait according to the encode information of 2D Matrix, the information that provides optional to measure purpose and handlers is waited a moment. Interface of operation of workshop CMM software still will offer an user to choose to measure the consign window of the program, can measure by working procedure according to demand through this window user, measure by cutting tool, measure by project or dimension. Rising detect efficiency while reduce operation complexity to mix make mistake probability. CNC Milling CNC Machining