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Aluminium Die Casting - An Efficient Manufacturing Process for Quality Metal Products

Aluminium die casting is a manufacturing process that has become indispensable across various industries today. It involves forcing molten aluminium alloy into a steel mould under high pressure to produce metal components and products with accurate dimensions and smooth surfaces. The rapid solidification under pressure delivers excellent mechanical properties and dimensional consistency. Aluminium is one of the most commonly die cast metals due to its lightweight, strength, durability, electrical conductivity, corrosion resistance, and ease of finishing. Read on to learn more about aluminium die casting, its advantages, the products made using this process, and the top aluminium die casting companies.

Overview of Aluminium Die Casting Process

Aluminium die casting involves melting aluminium alloy and injecting it into a mould under high pressure. The alloy solidifies rapidly inside the mould cavity, taking the shape of the required part. The main steps in aluminium die casting are:

- Melting - Aluminium ingots are melted in a furnace and taken to molten state. The melting temperature is around 1300°F.

- Alloying - Other metals like copper, magnesium, silicon, etc. are added to molten aluminium to obtain the required alloy properties.

- Die Lubrication - The mould cavity is sprayed with a lubricant to facilitate easy ejection of the solidified casting.

- Injection - The molten metal is forced into the mould cavity using a hydraulic or mechanical piston at high pressure.

- Solidification - The metal solidifies inside the mould cavity within seconds under high pressure.

- Ejection - After solidification, the mould opens and the casting is ejected using ejector pins.

- Finishing - Trimming of excess metal and finishing operations like grinding and polishing are done to obtain the final casting.

The mould used in aluminium die casting is made of high quality tool steel and can withstand high temperatures and pressures. It consists of two dies - cover die and ejector die. The dies contain the cavity that gives the required shape to the casting.

Benefits of Aluminium Die Casting

Some key benefits of aluminium die casting:

- Excellent dimensional accuracy and repeatability thanks to the high production pressures. Tolerance levels up to ±0.002 inches are possible.

- Smooth cast surfaces with fine detailing. No additional machining needed.

- Fast production rates ranging from 5000 to 50000 castings per week.

- Ability to cast complex shapes with intricate contours. Reduces assembly needs.

- Consistent high quality and mechanical properties batch after batch.

- Lower labour costs due to automation and less secondary machining.

- Wide range of alloy options including high strength and heat resistant types.

- Lower melting point of aluminium makes it more economical than steel and iron casting.

- High reuse rate of aluminium scrap further reduces material costs.

Given these advantages, aluminium die casting is ideal for high volume production of complex, thin walled metal components and products.

Products Made by Aluminium Die Casting

Aluminium die casting is used across many industries to manufacture various kinds of components and products. Some common examples include:

- Automotive parts - Cylinder heads, housings, manifold, wheels, gears, steering components etc. Lightweight aluminium parts help increase fuel efficiency.

- Consumer electronics - Outer casings and housings for smartphones, tablets, laptops, TVs, monitors etc. Provides strength, durability and heat dissipation.

- Medical equipment - MRI scanner bodies, CT scan gantries, precision medical tools and implants. Allows complex geometries.

- Aerospace and aviation - Aircraft fittings, hydraulic manifolds, rocket thrusters, torque transmission housings. Meets high strength needs.

- Military equipment - Armoured vehicle components, ammunition shells, missile components, field communication boxes. Ruggedness and reliability.

- Marine hardware - Outboard motor covers, stern drives, propellers, connecting rods, pump housings. Corrosion resistance.

- Telecommunication parts - Microwave components, waveguides, antenna brackets, switch housings. Low interference.

- Lighting products - LED light housings, heat sinks, reflectors and mounts. Heat dissipation ability.

- Power tools - Motor housings, gear cases, trigger handles, guards. Can take high-stress loads.

The excellent castability, machinability, strength, and conductivity of aluminium alloys make them suitable for these high-performance applications across diverse industries.

Leading Aluminium Die Casting Companies

Some of the reputed aluminium die casting companies known for their high quality products and capabilities are:

- Alcoa Corporation - One of the pioneers and largest aluminium die casting company with over 50 production facilities worldwide. Serving aerospace, automotive, commercial transportation, and industrial sectors.

- Dynacast - A global leader in metal castings with capabilities in multi-process die casting. 25 manufacturing plants worldwide with capacities up to 800 tonnes.

- Rockman Industries Ltd. - Top Indian aluminium die casting manufacturer exporting to over 50 countries. Specializes in telecom, computing, automotive, and engineering industries.

- Endurance Group - Premier aluminium and zinc die casting company in Asia. State-of-the-art manufacturing facilities in India, Thailand, and Mexico.

- Gibbs Die Casting - Provides innovative high-pressure die castings and solutions for various industrial applications. Eight manufacturing plants in North America.

- Ryobi Die Casting Inc. - Wholly owned subsidiary of Ryobi Limited, Japan. Produces sophisticated aluminium die castings for automotive sector globally.

- Continental Casting LLC - One of the largest aluminium sand and die casting companies in North America. High-quality castings up to 1000lbs.

- Lakeshore Die Casting Ltd. - Canada based aluminium die caster providing services from design to delivery. Complex castings up to 15lbs.

- Tadir-Gan Precision Aluminum Products - Israel based company specializing in complex, thin wall aluminium die cast parts using advanced processes.

When looking for aluminium die casting companies, make sure to evaluate their expertise, casting capacity, quality certifications, machining capabilities, and value-added services before making a selection. Partnering with an established and reliable die caster can ensure consistently high-quality cast aluminium products.


Aluminium die casting leverages the lightweight, recyclable metal's excellent properties to enable mass production of net shape components with complexity, precision and repeatability. It is a high productivity process suitable for large production quantities. Industries are increasingly using die cast aluminium parts to meet demands for strength, durability, precision, economy and quality in their products. Finding the right aluminium die casting company partner is key to producing cast metal components that live up to all functional and economic requirements. CNC Milling CNC Machining